Home repairs are not the most pleasant things for a homeowner to have to deal with. Sometimes necessary repairs end up being pushed aside for a more convenient time, or when there is more money in the budget. Yet when it comes to roofing repairs, it is important to call a residential roof repair company as soon as possible, even if damage seems minimal. Waiting can create much bigger problems, regardless of whether dealing with a repair today is not the most convenient. The best roof repair company will always agree that roofing needs should be considered a home repair emergency, and handled as quickly as possible, for the least amount of complications.

Damage Is Not Always Visible

When finding damage on any roof, a homeowner must realize that what they are seeing with the naked eye is likely only a fraction of the damage that actually exists. Because a roof consists of many layers of structure and roofing materials, there is a high likelihood that damage goes beyond the surface later, to those below. What seems like a small repair on the outside could be a fairly extensive one underneath. Something as seemingly harmless as some moss growing on shingles could indicate there is a problem underneath, and many homeowners might not even realize it is there. Getting roofers out to at least inspect the extent of damage is essential to prevent even more deterioration from occurring.

Why Immediate Repairs Are Essential

Roofing is expensive and time consuming. When even small areas of damage are discovered, making this repair is usually much more involved than simply a few roofers tacking on a few new shingles. Because damage at the surface, or damage discovered from inside the house usually means bigger problems than what is visible, this also means more time and money. Letting any hidden damage go, without further investigation, could end up costing much more than the simpler, initial repair.

Because the extent of damage is not always visible until someone from an experienced roofing services and repair company goes looking for it, this can create a false sense of security, and the idea that it is okay to wait to make repairs. In actuality, even just a broken shingle or two, or the aforementioned moss growth, is a sign that there is likely more serious damage below. Over time, if not taken care of, that damage will continue to grow.

Water Damage

Water that gets under the main roofing material in any way, regardless of the type of roof, is the beginning of problems such as mold, mildew, wood rot, and a slow, gradual destruction of what is covered up by the roof itself. Even just a little bit of water getting under a few shingles will cause the underlayment to get wet. In certain conditions, this can cause more shingles to become loose, which then exposes more underlayment, and so on. When roofing problems are let go for some time, they can be the cause of devastating damage to a home’s entire roofing structure, even if the original problem was little more than a small hole or a few loose shingles.

One important lesson concerning roofing is there really is no such thing as “minor” damage, because in as little as a few days that minor damage can become major. Regardless of whether the problem is a small leak discovered around some flashing, a branch peeling off a few shingles, or even some green growth on the roof’s surface, anything out of the ordinary requires a call to a roofing repair company. In the meantime, efforts should be made to keep the damaged area covered with a temporary roof repair such as a properly affixed tarp. The best residential roof repair company or experienced commercial roofing services will realize that small concerns are just as important as large ones, and require attention from roofers as soon as possible, before they become much larger concerns!

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