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The roof over a house is its most important, most protective structure. Without a solid, watertight roof the home and its contents, and everyone living inside of it, are at risk. Surprisingly, one of the most overlooked parts of the house in terms of maintenance is also the roof. Since roofing can look fine from eye level, many homeowners make the mistake of thinking everything is fine. In actuality, there may be roofing issues that are just not visible to the naked eye. Without proper attention and the right roofing repair, these concerns can go from small issues to big problems without homeowners realizing it. The best solution to avoid these situations is regular roofing inspections.

Why Roofing Inspections Are So Important

Most roof damage occurs without homeowners even realizing there is a problem. Although damage like missing shingles and a branch penetrating the roof during a storm is obvious to spot, it is the less obvious issues that tend to cause the most damage. By the time homeowners notice something like water in the home or stains on the ceiling, chances are they have had roof damage for quite a while. Many times the extent of damage is not even realized until things have progressed to a point where serious roofing repair is necessary.

Considering all of this, and the fact that most roofs can look perfectly fine on the outside even while damage is happening underneath, routine roofing inspections are extremely important. When performed by a qualified roofing contractor, regular inspections ensure that even small areas of concern like loose or leaking flashing are discovered, and roofing repair is done before much damage is caused. This type of preventive maintenance is most recommended over just waiting for a problem to occur since the problems may be happening without anyone knowing.

What Contractors Look For During Roofing Inspections

Roofing inspections give roofers a chance to get a good look at all parts of the roof to determine general condition, and detect any problems or potential problems. By getting an up-close view of the roofing material it is possible to grade it and determine whether it is wearing properly, or if it should be replaced. It is also possible to closely inspect those areas that are most prone to leaking, and look for other types of damage that could be present.

Inspections of the exterior roofing material and the attic space allow roofers to assess current roof condition, its remaining lifespan and even predict potential problems that can be avoided with the right roofing repair. Regular roof inspection, done once or twice a year prior to the storm seasons, may also be required to maintain a home’s roofing warranty.

With a detailed and up-close look at the roof, the roof structure, and associated components, roofing contractors provide an invaluable service to homeowners, helping them to protect their investment. When concerns are discovered, homeowners can then schedule the necessary roofing repair to correct them, removing the chance of ongoing damage due to unrecognized roofing issues. The best way for any homeowner to stay on top of these issues, and ensure they get the longest life out of their roof, is with regular roofing inspections and preventive maintenance.

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