With solar power and green energy becoming more desirable, many homeowners are looking for ways to also save money with solar power. Between the savings on energy costs and the reduced carbon footprint, both solar power and solar roofing are options for those willing to make this investment. Yet it does require some setup before it is possible to harness the sun’s free energy. Homeowners should discuss this type of project with a good roofing company experienced in solar roof services, including roofing repairs and installation, to ensure the proper system is repaired or installed.

What Is Solar Roofing?

Solar roofing is any roof, put on any building, that is lined with solar panels to generate electricity from the sun’s energy. No specific roof type is required, as the panels are affixed using beams and other hardware onto any roof surface. Yet there is much more to this type of roof installation than simply bolting a few panels onto the roof.

The Details of Installing A Solar Roof

Installing an effective solar roof involves calculating the size and number of panels to be used to generate the desired amount of energy, a plan for affixing them to the roof, wiring of all the panels to collect the energy, and many other details. Most municipalities require homeowners to get a building permit to install a solar roof. Additionally, a solar energy company must be contracted to accept the harvested power. A solar roof absorbs energy from the sun; however,  before it can be used by a homeowner, it must be converted into electricity, which is the job of the power company. Homes with solar roofs send their collected energy to their local power plant, which returns it in the form of electricity. These details must be worked out before a solar roof can be installed.

Solar Roofing Systems - Buy or Lease?

Homeowners have the option to either buy their solar panels and systems, or lease them from their local solar-friendly power company. Leasing can be a great way for homeowners to defray the cost of getting started with a solar roof; however, because the cost of this equipment has become more affordable in recent years, purchasing the equipment is more feasible. Homeowners who purchase their solar equipment may qualify for certain tax rebates. Some homeowners choose to finance their solar systems to take advantage of tax discounts while paying off their system over time.

Is It Worth The Cost to Go Solar?

Whether solar is worth the price depends on the cost of the system for the required number of panels, whether homeowners choose to lease or own their system, and the amount of energy that can actually be generated. All in all, it can be well worth the initial cost to go solar. Proper planning is key; however, once the right system with the right number and type of panels is installed, homeowners can experience a monthly savings of $80 or more on electricity bills. After a few years, the system should pay for itself, increasing the savings even more. Additionally, there is also the positive effect of generating and using green energy - and that benefit to the earth is priceless.

Making a decision to install solar roofing requires research about the local process involved. Most homeowners who invest in solar energy do appreciate its benefits, along with the satisfaction of helping the planet. The most important factor in installing solar roofing is hiring a professional roofing company that is experienced in solar roofing service and repairs. They know everything involved to set up these systems and get you ready to save energy costs!

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