Spring is the best time to arrange for a roof inspection from an experienced roof company, since this is when many problems with roofing become more visible. Soft spots on the roof become especially evident at this time because ongoing damage that has occurred over the winter is easier to spot with the warming temperatures. When signs of soft spots appear, homeowners should call an experienced roofer right away to arrange for repairs before the damage gets worse.

How to Recognize Soft Spots

Soft spots on a roof are a serious roofing problem that need attention as soon as they are discovered. They are most recognizable as areas where shingles look uneven, with raised and buckled sections, and as sunken looking areas on the roof. They can happen anywhere on a roof and there may be more than one soft spot, since they are caused by problems with shingle application and water-tightness. The most common time to first notice soft spots is in the spring, since warming temperatures cause roofing material to expand, making dips more evident as they become more exaggerated.

What Causes Soft Spots on A Roof?

Soft spots are areas where the roof is not watertight and after years of leaking, the decking has begun to rot and warp. This damage has two main causes:  improper attic ventilation under the roof that causes moisture to build up and shingles that are not properly installed or are leaking. When water seeps through the roofing layers and soaks into the plywood roof decking, the decking begins to rot and warps. Extreme ventilation problems can also cause this to happen from the underside of the decking. In either case, the result is sagging decking material that looks like a dip in the surface of the roofing.

How Are Soft Spots Fixed?

The proper way to repair soft spots on a roof is for a skilled roof company to remove shingles and underlayment over the area of damage, remove the affected decking, and replace all of it. A soft spot or two does not necessarily mean that an entire roof must be replaced, since leaking may be confined to just those specific areas. Still, if there are multiple soft spots on a roof, this indicates a widespread problem either with the shingles themselves, how the shingles were installed, or with roof and attic ventilation. All of these possibilities should be investigated to determine the cause of even a single soft spot to prevent more from occurring.

Soft spots on a roof are a serious concern that indicate roofing problems, such as defective or improperly installed shingles or attic and roof ventilation issues. Homeowners should have their roofs inspected by an experienced roof company every spring, especially if signs of soft spots are beginning to appear. Soft spots are a vulnerable, weak point in the roof indicating significant damage and the possibility that more damage could occur. Homeowners in need of soft spot repairs to roofing should contact an experienced contractor as soon as possible!

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