The roof over a house is much more than just a covering to keep it protected. The right roofs can add great character to a house, as well as energy efficiency. In warmer climates, Spanish tile roofs are very popular, as they look great while also providing a measure of thermal protection from the heat. For homeowners in need of a new residential roofing installation, Spanish tiles are a great option when installed by good professional roofing services.

The Spanish Tile Roof

Spanish tile roofing actually describes a style of roofing, more so than it describes one specific type of tile, although these roofs are generally made of the same few kinds of tile. Originating in the warmer climates of Spain and Mexico, this style of roof became popular because the tiles were easy to make using natural materials. They were also very thermo-insulative, helping to keep homes cooler in the heat of summer.

The basic style, consisting of natural to brightly colored curved tiles, makes a striking and attractive roof design that looks beautiful on many kinds of houses, adding to Spanish tiles popularity. Although traditionally Spanish roof tiles are handmade, today they are available more cost-effectively of different materials. A true Spanish tile roof still uses handmade tiles, which provide a charm and quality that few other types of roofing installations manage.

Different Types of Spanish Tile

Spanish roof tiles are usually made with clay and two main types of materials: terra cotta and ceramic. Terracotta clay tiles are made almost exclusively from pure clay, while ceramic tiles contain clay and other ingredients. Although both are heat fired to harden them, the different ingredients produce slightly different results.

Ceramic tiles often have a more finished look, while terracotta tiles are more rustic in appearance. Terracotta tiles are also a bit more durable when it comes to breakage. In either case, both types are usually available in various colors and shapes, which come together to create amazingly beautiful roofing applications for a very distinctive, old world look. Another variety of clay tiles called Saltillo tile is produced by adding multiple types of clay and other ingredients together, which finishes to create non-uniform effects and color gradations within the tile; when used on a roof, they look very decorative. Generally speaking, Spanish tile roofs are very artistic and stylish; however, the Saltillo roof tiles add an even more unique look.

Imitation Spanish Roof Tiles

Besides true clay and ceramic tiles, imitation Spanish roof tiles are also made with materials that are more durable and suitable for areas where tile damage could be a problem and are sometimes less expensive. All of these other materials used to create Spanish-looking tiles do perform differently than original tiles. Tiles that are made from cement, pressed metal sheets, and other roofing material may last longer; however, they most often lose the thermo-protective effect that true ceramic or terra cotta Spanish tiles are known for in roofing services.

Spanish clay or ceramic tiles make an impressive statement on any home, creating a roof that is both beautiful and functional. They are also available in many shapes, colors, and sizes. For expert installation, homeowners interested in this type of residential roofing installation should work with roofer services experienced in this type of roofing application. The results will be truly stunning!

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