If you’ve recently had a new roofing installation, you most likely expect your structure to last a lifetime or several decades, at the very least. Still, sometimes roofing may fail to provide the service life it should, requiring frequent roofing repair or early replacement before it is even halfway through the warranty period.

Why does roofing fail before its time? What would be the reasons behind a brand new roof failing before the warranty period ends? If you are a homeowner with a brand new roof or in the process of having a new roofing installation done, learn here about some of the things you should watch out for.

Unqualified Contractors

One of the most likely reasons behind an early structure failure is the roofing installation may have been done by unqualified contractors. When roofers are unqualified or inexperienced, they often make critical mistakes with roofing that can go unnoticed until inclement weather arrives and reveals them.

To avoid this issue, make sure you thoroughly check out any contractors before hiring them. If your roof is already installed, it is probably a good idea to call another reputable company to inspect your structure. Be ready for any possible roofing repair that may need to be done to fix the issues your previous contractor might have caused.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Any roof, whether it is brand new or older, can suffer catastrophic damage during extreme weather conditions. Shingles can lift up and be blown off, leaks can turn up, and severe structural damage may occur. If your choice of roofing materials isn’t able to handle certain kinds of weather conditions, you can expect even a brand new roof to fail when a hurricane, hailstorm, or severe snowstorm occurs.

Inadequate Fireproofing

When choosing materials for your roofing installation, it’s always a good idea to think ahead about fireproofing. Choosing the right materials can save your house from catching fire and burning up. This is especially true if you live in dry and windy areas where wildfires are common and burning embers could land anywhere. Needless to say, a roof can fail if even a small portion of it catches fire.

Wrong Choice of Materials/Roofing Systems

Many companies will advise you to choose certain roofing materials when you are having a new roofing installation done. This is because certain types of roofs are better suited to certain climates and general environmental conditions. If you choose the wrong kind or roofing system for a certain climate, you may find yourself in need of frequent roofing repair.

There are many reasons why your new roofing installation can fail. Fortunately, by hiring experienced contractors who use the proper materials for your area and take care of maintenance and preventative roofing repair, you can rest assured that your structure will more than likely last its entire service life. Of course, the best way to prevent early roof failure is to make sure your roofing installation is done properly in the first place!

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