One of the more important things to remember about a roof is that because it is up so high, it is easy to forget about. Routine inspection of the roof of a home is critical, so homeowners are aware of the condition of their roofs and will notice when there are any signs of a problem. Some handy homeowners may be capable of climbing a ladder and taking a look around; but a more thorough inspection should probably be left to a good company that provides roof services. Whether a roof is being inspected for its general condition, or there is a need for a roofing repair, both homeowners and professionals should adhere to the following important roof safety tips.

Never Go Up Alone

Whether you are a homeowner or a roofer, never climb a tall ladder or go up onto a roof without someone else there to assist. One wrong move could cause a fall, so having someone else there to help in the event of an accident is essential. Professional services who perform roofing repairs never work on a roof alone because it is so dangerous.

Keep Ladders Level and Secure

Unsteady ladders on uneven ground are responsible for many falls. Whenever a ladder is set up on the side of a house to inspect or repair the roof, those performing the services on the roof must always ensure the legs of the ladder are level and on solid ground. Using ladder stabilizers, or mounts that attach to the top of the ladder will keep it from sliding, and prevent the legs from slipping by digging little holes in the ground to set the feet in.

Wear the Right Safety Gear

Safety gear is important when inspecting a roof, so always wear work shoes or boots with good traction and a hardhat. When cleaning debris off the roof, safety glasses or goggles should always be worn. Anyone climbing onto a roof for an inspection or to make a roofing repair should also wear a safety harness that is securely attached to something to help prevent a devastating fall.

Be Safe and Organized When On A Roof

Although it is not recommended for homeowners to actually walk on their own roofs and anything that requires being on the roof should be left to experienced roof services, anyone who ventures on top of the house should exercise extreme caution. Avoid walking on a wet roof, since it can be particularly slippery; be especially careful when cleaning off leaves, mold, algae, or other vegetation that is stuck or growing on the roof. If making repairs or cleaning the roof, always keep tools and debris organized so things are not accidentally left behind or stepped on accidentally and the roof is damaged. Be alert for potential weak spots, pay close attention to the roof surface, and avoid distractions that could cause a fall.

Hire A Professional

Even though many homeowners may not be concerned about inspecting their own roof, the best safety recommendation is to hire a professional to do this important job. Experienced roofers who are well trained in climbing ladders and walking on a roof are the best ones for the job, and the least likely to end up getting hurt. Homeowners can observe their roofs from the ground by using binoculars or partially climbing a ladder to get a closer look; however, the rest should be left to roofing repair and services experts in order to keep everyone safe.

Regular roof inspection and making sure that any necessary roofing repair is done immediately is important; however, it must all be done with extreme caution. When someone must climb a ladder or go on top of the roof, it is essential they take the right precautions to avoid serious accidents or unintentional roof damage. Hiring professional roof services is best; however, for those homeowners who want to check things out on their own, following the above-referenced tips will help keep everyone safe!

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