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When it storms, there is always a chance that your roof may be damaged and will need emergency roof repairs. Obviously, you will need to call an experienced roof repair service to come and take care of the damage once the storm passes; however, what do you do in the meantime?

While you are waiting for the storm to end, follow the tips below on how to handle damaged roofs while the rain is still coming down. If you are proactive, you can reduce the amount of damage your house sustains.

Avoid Trying to Make Repairs During A Storm

If your first instinct is to try to climb up to throw a tarp over a hole in the roof while it is still storming, stop right now. Doing anything in the rain and wind is dangerous and the main reason why roof repair services will not come out until the weather has passed.

Regardless of the type of damage that has been sustained, you could be seriously injured if you slip and fall off the top of your house. Repairs to roofs should only be made by an experienced roof repair company once the storm is over and it is safe to go on top of the house.

Contain the Water Leaking In the House

When storm water is coming in because your roof is damaged, contain it as best you can. Use buckets, pots, or even a garbage pail to catch water wherever you see it dripping. Try to soak up and prevent puddles by using towels and other absorbent material.

Move all furnishings, area rugs, and personal items away from these areas to protect them. If you have any plastic drop cloths or waterproof tarps, lay them down to further contain the water until the rain stops. If you see water coming out of light fixtures, turn off the power to this part of the house at the breaker box to be safe.

Investigate the Attic

Once you have stopped the leaking water from causing more damage in your home, head to the attic to try and find the source of the damage that is going to need roof repair. You may be able to spot the damage from inside the roof or at least see the point of entry of the water.

If possible, bring more buckets up to the attic to contain leaking water closer to the source of entry. If you see that a tree has fallen on the house and is leaning against it, stay safe by either evacuating or keeping everyone away from this section of the house.

Call A Roof Repair Service

After you have an initial assessment of the damage, call an experienced roof repair company. Report your need for services as soon as possible and explain the type and location of damage you have discovered. Understand that contractors will not come to work on your roof until the storm is over. Calling quickly will expedite getting a contractor to your home, especially if many homes in your area have been damaged. This is also a good time to call your homeowner's insurance company.

If your roof sustains damage that requires an emergency roof repair, carefully assess the situation. Do what you can to reduce more damage to your home and then call a licensed and experienced roof repair service. When the storm is over and the rain stops, roofing contractors will come to evaluate the roof damage and make plans for any repairs!

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