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Most people look for or ask about warranty policies whenever they buy something of value. This is no different when it comes to roofs since most people want to be protected when it comes to purchasing something as expensive as a roof that should last for decades, barring any freak accidents or extreme weather. When it comes to roof warranties, there are two different options you need to discuss with your roof services: the manufacturer's and the installer's warranties.

What is the difference between the two and which of them is better? Ideally, it’s good to have both as both types offer separate protections and coverage. Let's learn more about these two types of warranties and what they affect your roof.

The Difference

When it comes to warranties, many homeowners think that the roofing repair and installation services who installed their roof will replace or do any roofing repair free of charge for a certain amount of time. This is only partially true. This type of guarantee is offered on the work performed by the contractors.

Any warranty on the actual roofing materials is offered by the manufacturer. This type of guarantee will cover any repair and replacement costs related to a defect in the product or failure of the product to perform as guaranteed.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Manufacturers offer a guarantee that their products will last a certain amount of time. For example, if a 30-year shingle system is found to have a defect or in some cases does not last the promised life-span, the manufacturer will replace their product. They sometimes do this entirely at no charge; however they may also do it on a pro-rated basis.

Manufacturers' warranties can last anywhere from 20-50 years since the likelihood that roofing materials will actually fail from defects is quite remote. What often causes a problem to roofs are mistakes made during the installation process by the roof services, which may void the manufacturers’ guarantees.

Installer’s Warranty

Human errors can be made when roofs are being installed, which is basically why workmanship warranties exist. Sometimes these mistakes can take a while to show their effects, up to six years or more. This is why it is important to find  roof services that offer an installer's guarantee for a longer period of time. Make sure when you hire a roofing repair and installation service that covers your roof for at least 10 to 20 years in case of workmanship issues that appear after a certain amount of time has passed.

It may seem confusing when you are looking for a company to install your roof. Just remember to always look for roof services that offer transparency in their policies so you are not at a disadvantage when entering into a contract. Ask about the differences between the product warranty offered by the manufacturer and the workmanship warranty of the installers before you make your final decision on who to hire to do this important job!

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