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Whether you need roofing repair or an entirely new installation, finding the right roofing contractor is important. The first step to take is to call several local roofing companies and set up a time for each one to assess your roof and provide an appraisal of the damages. These estimates should include the five points listed below so you can compare the differences and hire the most experienced roofing company.

1. Materials

When comparing estimates from various roofing repair services, begin by looking at what materials will be used and whether they are itemized on the appraisal. If this has not been done, request you be provided with an itemized list of all materials expected to be used for the job. This would include shingles or other raw materials as well as any supplementary materials that will be used like underlayment, sealants, plywood, etc.

The roofing estimate should also include details on material warranties and specific information about the brand and quality of the quoted material so you have a full understanding of what products will be used, their cost/percentage of the estimate, and how your investment in these products will be protected.

2. Labor Costs

The estimate should include an itemized list of hourly labor costs as well as a time estimate of how long the job will take. While it may be tempting to choose a roofing company that offers a lower hourly rate for labor, this could mean they are using unskilled workers. Better services who only hire skilled and trained roofers will pay their employees more money and provide work done of a higher quality.

3. Applicable Warranties

All warranty information, whether from the materials manufacturer or the roofing repair service itself, should be documented in the estimate. Avoid working with roofers who are not willing to provide a contractor’s warranty on their workmanship since could be a red flag of potentially inferior work quality.

Reputable roofers who stand behind their work will always guarantee it. Pay attention to all warranty details such as duration, conditions, and which party is responsible for what type of problems with the material or the work that has been done.

4. Price and Payment Options

When it comes to roofing, there is a fine line between paying too much money for a job and not paying enough. Less expensive estimates may be more attractive; however, you must carefully weigh this with other important factors. Lower estimates, especially significantly lower ones, could mean the roofing company uses low-quality material, hires unskilled workers, and/or may not provide the best services.

Higher estimates should easily illustrate why they are elevated. When comparing prices, be sure to note how payment is expected and whether the company offers financing. If so, pay attention to interest rates and if there are any conditions or exclusions.

5. Incidentals

Pay attention to the Incidentals or Other Costs section of estimates and look for transparency on what it covers. Incidental fees normally apply to things like dumpster and disposal fees as well as costs that do not fit into any of the other fee categories. Make sure all additional costs are specifically itemized and priced so there are no surprise charges added at the end of the job.

Selecting capable and reliable roofing repair service requires some research and comparison of provided estimates. Besides overall price, there is a great deal to learn from the various roofing estimates received from each of the contractors. After comparing all of the above points and small details, you should be able to confidently choose the roofing company that is best suited to handle your roofing repair or replacement!

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