Did you know that one of the most common causes of damage that results in calls to roofing services for roof repairs is the sun?

Sun damage happens more often than you might think and in ways you may not know about.

While sunny days are often preferred, it’s good for homeowners to keep in mind that all that sunlight, especially in hotter climates, is slowly degrading your roof.

Regular inspections by roof services can help you stay on top of how your roof is weathering the sun and when a replacement might be necessary.

How Does the Sun Damage Your Roof?

Sunlight can be very damaging to asphalt shingles and other roofing materials. This damage can happen over a long period of time, making it harder to detect; however, it is happening every day.

Roofing services in hotter climates find that much of the damage that occurs to homes and commercial buildings alike is due to the sun and its effect on different roofing materials.

As such, the UV rays and heat that come from the sunlight beating down on your house can cause a number of serious problems that could leave you in need of roof repair:

  • Drying and Crumbling - Heat and UV rays slowly dry out shingles over time, making them less flexible. Dry shingles become brittle and less moisture resistant. The adhesive holding them down dries out, too. They start crumbling and breaking, and become less impact resistant. Over time, broken, chipped, and cracked shingles are more likely to leak or blow off.
  • Thermal Shock - Roofing materials expand and contract as they heat up and cool down from the sun. It is an ongoing, unavoidable process that can cause those materials to loosen over time from all that expansion and contraction. Thermal shock is another prime cause of the leaks that roof services see on a daily basis.
  • Buckling and Blistering - UV sun rays can cause shingles to blister and buckle from heat buildup underneath, especially if there is poor attic ventilation in the home. Both of these conditions slowly destroy the shingles, lift and loosen them, and allow moisture to enter.
  • Leaking - Sun damaged shingles are responsible for a large percentage of the roof leaks that homeowners discover. This type of leaking can be especially deceiving as it can be hard to find. Water seeping under loose and broken shingles can eventually cause rot that endangers the entire roofing structure.

How Can You Slow Sun Damage to Your Roof?

Unfortunately, sun damage to your roof is inevitable. As long as the sun is shining, there is no way to actually stop it.

You can do things to slow its effect on your roof and protect it from damage that will require extensive roof repair:

  • Adequate Attic Ventilation - A good level of ventilation in your attic to keep temperatures from rising too high in there is critical to prevent overheating your shingles and causing them to buckle and blister.
  • Use Reflective Materials - In hotter climates, roofing services can install materials designed to reflect more UV rays in order to slow the progression of sunlight damage over the years.
  • Regular Inspections - Above all, have roof services perform regular inspections so they can monitor the condition of your shingles and take steps to prevent leaks as they age.

Good maintenance is the key to preventing all types of damage that end up requiring roof repair.

Even though it is impossible to prevent all damage caused by the hot sun beating down on your house, working with skilled roofing services can delay its effects on your roof.

Eventually, your shingles will wear out and you will need roof services to put on a new roof.

The good news is that you can prolong the time until this happens with good roof care!

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