For most people, a house is their largest, and most valuable possession. Therefore, it only makes sense that the roof on that house is its most valuable possession, since there would be no house without a solid, functioning roof. Yet roofs do not last forever and a regular roof inspection, along with routine roof maintenance, is essential not only for keeping a roof in top condition, but to discover if any problems have developed that may require a roof repair. When homeowners begin to notice any of the following 5 signs, it may be time to hire professional residential roof services to make these repairs, or to consult with regarding a new roof.

1. Curling, Tearing, Lifting or Damaged Shingles

When shingles begin showing signs of damage, it may be time for a new roof. Shingles that begin to curl or buckle up, crack, or are losing their granules are no longer waterproof and weather resistant. This leaves the underlayment exposed to water damage. It is also much easier for them to blow off when in this condition. When shingles do not lie neat and flat, and show signs of excess wear and other types of damage, those experienced in roof repair and replacement know they are no longer protecting a roof.

2. Missing Roofing Shingles

Occasionally, one or two shingles may fall off a roof if they were not attached correctly, but professionals who offer residential or other roof services can usually easily replace them. When more than a few shingles come off, or shingles are missing from multiple areas, a bigger problem exists. Whether this means they were not tacked down correctly, adhesive has failed, or the roof has sustained damage from high winds, there is no better sign that these old shingles should be removed and replaced. A roof dropping shingles is not protecting the house it covers.

3. Sagging Exterior Roof Surface

A roofing surface should be straight and sturdy. Anything other than this indicates there could be trouble under the top covering layers. Sagging, or valleys as they are sometimes called, indicates there is a weakening either in the decking or the roofing structure itself. Since both of these parts of the roof are made of wood and can be affected by moisture, visual sagging is a warning sign that should be investigated by a roofing professional to ensure that nothing serious is going on under the shingles. Moisture causes wood rot over time, and valleys can cause shingles to lose their water tightness. If the condition is substantial enough, replacing the roof and some of its structure may be necessary.

4. Signs of Leaking or Water Damage

Signs of water damage, either inside or outside the home, are an obvious signals there is a problem with the roof, and that it probably needs to be replaced. Water stains and moisture under the roof in the attic, in the insulation, or even coming through the ceiling are obvious indications of leaks. Mold, mildew, and fungus growing in these areas, or even on the shingles themselves, are also indicators that the roof is no longer waterproof and needs attention.

5. Very Old Roofs

Every roof has a life expectancy based on its roofing material. Even the best roof that has received the best roofing maintenance, will eventually need to be replaced. Old shingles, even if they may not appear to be damaged, lose water tightness and elasticity along with their ability to withstand damage, making them more susceptible to damage. The older a roof is, the more likely it is that problems will begin to develop, sometimes without the homeowner even realizing it. When a roof is past its life expectancy, replacing it before problems develop is the most cost-effective thing to do.

No homeowner enjoys having to deal with roofing problems. At the first sign of any of the above concerns, schedule a visit by a good residential roofing service company and have an inspection done. Providing the proper roof maintenance, and always working with experienced roof repair professionals is the best way for any homeowner to get the most service life from their roof and to protect their most valuable asset!

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