Getting the best roofing requires hiring the best roofing contractors; however, knowing who to choose can be challenging. The problems with roofers is that the wrong company can leave homeowners with an inferior job, or worse. By using the following tips, those in search of contractors for roofing repair or replacement can feel confident that they are hiring the right roofing company.

Avoid Storm Chasers

It is highly recommended that “storm chasers” be completely avoided. They are those fly-by-night roofing operations who show up at the front door the day after a storm to present a great offer to repair storm damage. These frequently unscrupulous roofing contractors often try to take advantage of homeowners by pointing out damage (some of which may not even be there), then doing an inferior repair; only to be unreachable afterward, when the problems begin. To avoid this type of scenario, the best recommendation is to find a roofer with the following:  

  • A permanent, local address that is not a PO Box;
  • A physical work location; and,
  • Has been in business locally, for a number of years.

A company that is a permanent fixture and depends on local business to stay in business is much less likely to cheat customers with inferior work.

Contractor Licensing and Insurance

Professional roofing contractors should always carry insurance that protects their employees and their business in the event of accidents or problems with an installation. This is a sign that a roofing company is running a legitimate business and also takes any liability away from homeowners, should someone get hurt. Most states require that roofers be licensed as a means of ensuring that those people who perform roofing work receive proper training and are providing the best possible work to their customers. Ask for both proof of insurance and licensing.

Learn About Roofing Materials and Installation

Although roofing is a job for experts, homeowners will be able to find a good contractor by learning about good and bad quality materials, along with some basics about roofing work and even manufacturer designations. This allows homeowners to have an educated discussion about any work that needs to be performed, reducing the chance of agreeing to the use of substandard material or questionable services. Some materials manufacturers also designate specific roofers who are trained in the correct use of their products, so ask about any of these distinctions.

Work Estimates and Warranties

When requesting written estimates for roofing, it is important to do the following:

  • Look for an itemized materials lists that includes named brands and material specifics.
  • Ask for an explanation of all labor charges and work to be performed.
  • Ask to be provided with details about cleanup and disposition of job waste; and.
  • Ask for all warranty information, and how the company honors those warranties. 

There are material warranties and workmanship warranties, so it is important to differentiate between the two and work with a company who offers an extensive warranty on their own work.

Seek Referrals from Others

Another important way to choose the best roofer is by requesting customer referrals and finding out what past customers are saying about a particular roofing company. Call all the referrals that have been provided by the roofing contractors and search online for any reviews in local business directories and research with the Better Business Bureau as well.

Locating the best roofing contractor requires some research. Homeowners in need of roofing can be sure they get the best roofing job possible by hiring roofers who meet the above qualifications. Working with local companies who have good referrals, have been in business for a while, and have the right credentials and experience are always the best bet!

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