There are many homeowners who would rather pay the upfront costs of a solar panel roof installation in order to lessen or completely eliminate their monthly electricity bill. Other homeowners may decide to have this done simply to reduce their carbon footprint and be part of helping the environment.

Solar roofs have been around for a while. More people are installing panels on their roof.  In fact, so many people are doing this that the cost of this technology has gone down significantly. This has also led to the emergence of solar shingles. Whatever the reason, if you're thinking about a new solar roof installation or a solar shingle roof replacement, there are a few things you need to know.

What are Solar Shingles?

Solar shingles are exactly what you would expect for roofs. They are roofing or photovoltaic shingles that are technically a type of small solar panel. They produce electricity, each shingle capable of producing anywhere from 13 to 63 watts depending on outside weather conditions.

These shingle were first used in 2005 on commercial buildings. Costs for a solar shingle roof replacement were high then; however, prices have slowly come down over the years. They are low enough now where homeowners can truly consider solar shingles as a choice for their roof replacement or installation.

What are the Benefits of Solar Shingles?

Aside from the fact that they generate electricity for homes and allow you to go semi or completely off the grid, solar shingles also look better than traditional panels. Solar panels are often installed on top of a roofing installation. They just do not blend in and are often quite unattractive.

On the other hand, shingles are like regular roofing material and blend into your structure with the rest of the regular shingles. These types of roofs look better and are just as durable as other types of shingle. A roof installation done using these shingles is also easy for builders to do.

If the cost of this type of roof installation is a concern, the federal government often gives tax credits to help ease your wallet woes. The government may even help to fund your roof replacement.

What to Consider

Solar roofs are certainly becoming more popular. If you feel you are ready to join the many others who have already done so and do your part for the environment, make sure you work with a reliable company that has experience in installing these special shingles. Although the cost of this type of roof can be rather high, you will actually save a great deal of money in the long run.

Solar roofs are a great way to be eco-friendly and more green with your home. Be sure to ask your building contractor about the possibility of a solar shingle roof installation to explore your options. If you’re in the market for a roof replacement, weigh the benefits of mixing solar shingles with normal asphalt ones for a cost-effective roof that also looks great!

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