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Of all the things that can cause serious damage to your roofing, did you ever suspect the birds visiting your yard would be one of them? Birds are just one of many types of wildlife that could cause you to make a call to a local roofing service to repair their damage.

Watch out for the below signs; if you see any damage to your roof that may have been caused by birds, be sure to call an experienced roofing company to make the necessary repairs immediately.

Nest Building

Birds will build a nest any place where they can find a small, protected space. Often, this is in or around a roof. Nests that are built in chimneys are common and can be very dangerous if they block the exhaust from a working fireplace. Birds may also build nests under your eaves or in your roofing soffit or fascia if there is a tiny opening that gives them access.

Nests in these areas can cause damage to the framework and support structure of your roof and will probably require attention from a roofing company. Birds who explore these areas may even find access into your attic where they can cause even more damage.

Multiple nests that block critical air vents to or from the attic could also result in ventilation issues. This can cause extensive damage to your entire roofing structure if your attic becomes too hot.


Some bird species will peck at various surfaces for different reasons. Some birds do this as a form of communication. Others do it to make holes for their nests. Birds also peck in search of insects or to get gravel.

Regardless of why it happens, roofing services find that all of this pecking can result in damage to structural supports, roofing material, and other parts of your roof accessible to birds.

Damage to Roofing Materials

Although much of the damage caused by birds occurs to the wooden structural roofing components, your roofing materials can also be mutilated. Since birds eat small bits of gravel, they frequently peck it off asphalt shingles. Groups of birds that roost on housetops will leave mounds of excrement that can damage the materials due to its acidity.

Pecking can even chip or crack ceramic tiles. All of this damage prematurely ages the structure and makes leaks that must be repaired by a roofing company more likely.

Gutter Issues

Gutters are another favorite nesting place for many birds. Nests in your gutters can cause a great deal of harm if a nest blocks the flow of water to the downspout, causing the gutters to overflow. Roofing services often discover damage such as rotting fascia and decking in areas where the gutters have been blocked for some time. Nests can also leave water sitting in gutters for long periods, eventually causing them to rust.

Birds are nice to have in your yard and around bird feeders; however, they can sometimes make themselves too much at home. If you frequently hear birds around the top of your house or notice bird damage to your roofing, it is time to call a roofing company to come and take a look. Schedule regular inspections by professional roofing services so any potential bird problems can be discovered and repaired right away!

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