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If your house is missing some much-needed character to make it more attractive, having dormers installed by an experienced roof company may be the perfect solution. Dormers are often designed to be functional when added during the initial design of a home; however, they can also be decorative when later added by residential roofing services.

Dormers are popular on many traditional style homes and an experienced roofer installation company can add them to your house, giving it an entirely new look.

What Are Dormers?

Dormers are architectural details added to the side of a sloping roof. If a roof company adds them to your home, they will look like windows to a tiny room extending from the slope with its own pitched design opposite the main slope. Each dormer is built around a single or multiple windows. Quite often, these additions are meant to be functional, opening into the attic to supply light to spaces under the roof so they can be used as living spaces.

Other times residential roofing services build them onto the slope surface to be decorative and add distinctive character. Functional or not, dormers look attractive on many architectural styles and can improve the look of your home, making it stand out from other similarly designed houses that line your street.

Different Dormers for Different Purposes

While the most recognized and common dormers built by roofers are the gabled variety seen on many homes with pitched roofs, there are different types that can be added to your home depending upon its architecture. Shed dormers are common on contemporary houses, while smaller eyebrow dormers and those with arched tops look attractive on homes with a Spanish or Mediterranean design.

A skilled roof company can even design a larger dormer that spans most of the length of the home, with multiple windows, to really light up the inside of the attic. Dormer design is generally based on the purpose of the addition and the type of roof involved.

Notes About Dormer Installation

If adding dormers to your home interests you, begin by discussing the project with residential roofing services that can help you achieve the proper results. To best accomplish this, you must first know whether you want functional dormers or simply want to improve the aesthetics of your house. Your roofer installation company can show you various designs that would look best on your house and then inspect the roof structure to determine the best way to add them.

Well-constructed dormers are level and evenly spaced on the roof and built in an architectural style that complements the rest of your house. Additionally, they must be properly framed and securely attached to the rafters, then sided and shingled like any other part of your home.

If you are looking for an affordable way to boost your home's curb appeal, consider hiring a roof company to add dormers. When these roof additions are designed and constructed by experienced residential roofing services, you can add a unique architectural detail that is decorative and can make your attic space more useable. The addition of attractive and functional dormers can increase the value of your home. Talk to a roofing company today about installing dormers on your roof!

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