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Natural roofing materials like wood, slate, and ceramic tile are beautiful and desirable roofing choices. Unfortunately, these materials have a few negative aspects that frequently cause homeowners to choose other options for their roofing replacement. Today homeowners can get the look and beauty of these natural materials in other ways, however, with synthetic roofing materials. Used by roofing services all over, there are many newer synthetic products designed to look like more expensive, natural roofs at a fraction of the cost. These look-alike synthetic materials also provide a number of benefits above and beyond some of the negatives that come with certain natural materials.

Why Choose Synthetic Roofing?

Most people choose synthetic materials for their roofing replacement as a more cost-effective alternative to a natural roofing type that they like. Classic, traditional roofing like decorative wooden shingles, rugged wood shakes and stately looking slate are all very desirable, but they cost a lot. Slate, in particular, is extremely heavy, and cannot be used for all homes. Ceramic shingles are also beautiful but costly and weigh quite a bit. Wood roofs require a good amount of maintenance to keep them looking great and in their best condition. Considering these factors, a natural roof is quite an investment with some definite limitations.

In these cases, synthetic copies of natural materials installed by roofing services can make the best option. Homeowners can get the look they prefer without the downsides that come with these different roofing types. Synthetic versions of the real thing are frequently more durable against storm damage, and more easily repaired, too. In the case of wood roofs, synthetic look-alikes are also more fire resistant, increasing roof safety, frequently earning homeowners a discount on their home insurance.

Options in Synthetic Roofing Materials

There are two main types of synthetic roofing material produced today to look like other natural materials:  architectural asphalt shingles and plastic or polymer roofing:

  • Architectural Shingles - Flat, plain asphalt shingles have come a long way in the past decade or so, with architectural shingles becoming a highly desired, and more beautiful alternative. Designed in various ways to mimic the look of everything from natural slate to wood shakes, wood shingles, and other materials, these asphalt versions are durable, long-lived, and inexpensive in comparison to the real thing. Architectural asphalt shingles also possess a number of other benefits as well, such as being much lighter than natural slate, less prone to rotting than natural wood, and low maintenance requirements. Asphalt shingles are more fire resistant than wood roofs. Today’s more advanced architectural shingles are made more energy efficient, created using various coatings that increase reflectiveness to decrease utility bills.
  • Plastic and Polymer Roofing - Homeowners considering materials for their roofing replacement also have the choice of a wide selection of polymer and plastic materials designed to look like other, natural roofing. A number of plastic and polymer products that look like slate shingles and wood shakes are available, providing lighter weight durability, UV protection and other important qualities without the high cost and maintenance that come with a natural roof. Properly installed by experienced roofing services, they are also energy efficient. Plastic and polymer roofing material are also recyclable when removed.

So for homeowners who love the look of wood, slate and other natural materials but not the price tag, synthetic roofing replacement is a great option. From eye level, these materials look like the real thing when installed by professional roofing services. Synthetic roofing like architectural shingles and plastic and polymer roofing are a great way to get the best of both worlds in residential roofing.

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