Modern roofing technology has come a long way in the past decade, offering new and exciting products and techniques for roofing repair and new roof installations. Roof scanning, a newer method of locating hard to find roof leaks, is an efficient method that saves time and money on roofer services. With the aid of infrared imaging technology, roofers can now scan all kinds of roofs and pinpoint exactly where the point of water entry is and get repairs done quickly.

What Is Infrared Scanning?

Infrared technology involves the use of infrared devices that measure the amount of heat held by living and non-living things. By scanning with these devices, it is possible to detect the location of whatever is sought based on detected temperature. Infrared scanning “sees” below the surface layer, making it very useful where getting under the surface is difficult or impossible without causing damage, as is the case with roofing.

Scanning Finds Leaks Fast

Finding the origination of roof leaks so the roof can be properly repaired can be difficult, especially on certain types of roofs such as flat, coated commercial roofs. With infrared scanning, roofers can locate the source of a leak on any roof by measuring its temperature underneath. Roof leaks leave the underlayment, insulation, drywall, and roofing structure wet. Materials that are wet retain heat longer than those that are dry. As a result, roofers using infrared scanners can quickly locate areas in the roof that are warmer and do a closer inspection at those spots.

How Roof Scanning is Done

Since infrared scanning depends on the presence of heat, it is is best to do it at the end of the day, once the sun has begun to set. This is when the main roofing surface begins to cool off, creating a difference in temperature from those areas where leaks are present. Using an infrared scanning device and a non-penetrating moisture monitor, roofers walk along the roof, scanning the surface and looking for fluctuations in temperature and moisture. Spots with a higher temperature and greater moisture indicate there is a leak. Those spots are typically marked with a marking crayon or spray paint, and the roofer continues on. Once the scan is complete, repairs can be made by the roofing company at the spots where the roofer marked.

Infrared Scanning Offers Great Benefits

Because infrared roof scanning enables roofers to examine places they never could before, it is a highly desired method for finding problem leaks as well as some leaks that have been called “impossible.” It provides an efficient way to scan a roof preventively as well, if leaks are suspected, or to ensure there are no undetected leaks. This is especially useful for huge commercial buildings, which would be nearly impossible to inspect otherwise due to their size alone. This is a timesaving method to roofing repair services, which translates to cost savings to both home and building owners.

Before allowing those troublesome leaks in the roof to continue, home and commercial building owners alike can find the leak with infrared roof scanning. Infrared technology is a valuable tool that roofer services can use to locate even hard-to-find leaks, making roofing repair more effective. With this non-invasive location method, roofers can find the origin of a leak and have it repaired faster than ever!

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