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One of the most important concerns in roof care is something that does not actually involve the roof itself - attic ventilation. Proper attic ventilation is an essential part of effective roofing, something that every reputable roof company will address whenever inspecting roofs or providing some kind of roof service. Attic ventilation is important for efficient home heating and cooling; however, many homeowners may not realize it is critical for protecting the roof itself. As every experienced roofing contractor knows, good roof maintenance  includes making sure there is good attic ventilation.

The Two Purposes of Roof Ventilation

Roof and attic ventilation are important for two main reasons. The first reason that affects utility bills is to keep the attic cooler in the summer, releasing rising warm air rather than allowing it to build up. The second reason is to prevent a number of conditions that can result in damage to the roof. A hot attic space can lead to serious damage to roofing shingles and even the roof structure, leaving homeowners with the need to call a roof company for repairs.

How Proper Roof Venting Works

In theory, roof ventilation is a simple process. Actually producing the right results can be tricky for even the best roofing contractor. Since warm air rises, it is necessary to leave places at the top of the roof for the hot air to escape. At the same time, there must be openings lower on the roof where cooler air can be drawn in. In the best circumstances, a roof will easily vent itself when these two vents are provided. A good circulation of cool air moving in and warm air flowing out is all any roof needs for greatest home efficiency and roof protection.

Unfortunately, some roofs do not have this effective, natural ventilation. Unless ventilation is somehow facilitated, problems can arise. In these cases, a roof company can add more vents in strategic places or even add electrically-powered vents to help achieve this.

Results Of Inadequate Roof Ventilation

The biggest concern that any roofing contractor has with improper roof ventilation is what happens when there is warm air and moisture trapped underneath the roof surface. One problem that can occur is the hot, moist air can cause condensation under the roof, which can result in mold growth in the attic and eventually slow damage to the underside of the roof and even the roof structure. Structural damage may take years to happen;  however, this type of damage puts the whole roof at risk and can be extremely costly to repair.

Poor roof ventilation can also cause damage to roofing shingles if the heat on the underside deteriorates roofing adhesive and causes the shingles to buckle. This invites leaks and the extensive damage that can occur with widespread leaking. In any event, the potential that the entire roof will need replacing is high, all due to poor roof ventilation.

The simple solution to avoid all such problems is to make sure that a roof has adequate ventilation. This is something that any experienced roofing contractor can determine by inspecting a residential roof and attic space to make sure there are enough vents to keep the attic cool. When there are signs that existing ventilation is not sufficient, a roof company can install different vents that will improve roof ventilation. Although ventilation may not seem like a big roofing concern, the money spent remedying venting issues is well spent, as it provides an important way to protect the roof against more costly damage!

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