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Gutters are one of the most important, yet overlooked parts of all roofs. If the gutters are not working properly, you may need to pay for roofer repair services. Gutters do not last forever. To keep them in great shape and learn when they should be replaced by roof services, consider this important advice.

Prevent Gutter Problems with Regular Cleaning

The gutters hanging at the edge of your roof are critical in preventing water damage to your structure that could require costly roofer repair services. When clogged with leaves and other debris, gutters cannot do their job of funneling water into the downspout and away from the house.

As much as you may dislike this task, it is essential that your gutters be cleaned and checked twice a year. Whether you do it or hire roof services to take care of it for you, clean your gutters every spring and late fall so they are functioning properly heading into summer and winter.

When Your Gutters Need Repairing

Over time, gutters can sustain damage that prevents them from working properly. Gutters that are improperly hung on roofs can sag over time, preventing good drainage. Holes and dents are common, as is loosening of the hanging hardware, which can pull away from the fascia after a while.

Gutters can also sustain serious damage from ice and snow that slides down into them, bending them or even causing them to fall off the house. Damaged gutters are also more likely to have the finish peel off, which makes them look old and unsightly as well as invites corrosion.

Gutter and downspout problems can cause water to spill out over the side of the gutter or impede flow to the downspout, splash block, or drain. If you notice any of these problems with your gutters or they do not drain correctly, arrange for repairs with roof services who can make them functional and look good again.

Should You Replace Your Gutters Instead?

While most gutter repairs are fairly simple, there are situations when replacing your gutters with new ones makes more sense than repairing your old ones. Consider having roofer repair services install new gutters if there is significant damage to the hanging hardware or the gutters themselves or if they are peeling and look old. Replacing old gutters also gives you the option to choose from newer, more attractive styles.  

Gutters should also be replaced when the roof itself is replaced. This ensures that the gutters are correctly positioned under the edge of the new roof so they function properly and protect it. This is a great time to add gutter covers for convenience and added protection.

Gutters that hang under the edge of most roofs are a critical, protective roofing component. If your gutters are damaged, missing, or just do not work properly, roofer repair services can help you. Whether you need repairs for common gutter problems or an entirely new system, experienced roof services will get your gutters functioning properly so your roof stays properly protected!

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