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A rooftop does not last forever; when the time comes to replace it, you need to choose an experienced roofing contractor to get a quality job. Yet how do you decide on which roofing company is the right choice with so much competition? Consider the following tips to find a skilled and experienced roofing contractor.

1. Choose Local

Begin your search for the best roofing contractor by looking for an established, local contractor who has been in business locally for some time. This eliminates the possibility of hiring storm chasers who are just passing through the area. You want to find a contractor who is reachable if a roofing emergency should arise.   

2. Ask for References

After finding local services for consideration, request references from recent customers to verify the satisfaction level of these homeowners. In addition, look for online reviews and testimonials on social media and in business directories where consumers leave opinions and feedback about a roofing company.

3. Insurance is a Must-Have

Confirm that any experienced roofing contractor you are considering has appropriate workers’ compensation and liability insurance. This insurance protects a contractor's employees if they be injured on the job and protects you as well. Ask to see copies of the contract and confirm its validity by calling the named insurance company.

4. Check into Licensing and Industry Certifications

Although not every state requires roofers to be licensed, many choose to become licensed or industry certified on their own. The best roofing contractor will have active licenses where required and often elect to hold industry certifications that can attest to their training and knowledge of safe and current roofing techniques and products.

5. Get A Detailed Written Estimate

When asking for work estimates from a roofing company, ask that it be fully itemized and include details such as labor rates, material specifications, start and completion date, who will obtain permits that are required, warranty information, site cleanup information, incidental fees, payment terms, and any other questions or details to compare the various services and prices in each estimate.

6. Confirm Warranty Information

There are various warranties that an experienced roofing contractor may offer with their work. Choose a service that offers a contractor’s warranty on workmanship and materials, if applicable. Confirm that they use materials with industry-approved manufacturer warranties. Ask the contractor to explain the warranty details in writing on the estimate so there is no question as to who is responsible if there are problems with the workmanship or roofing materials.

7. Price Isn't Everything

When comparing work estimates, remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to roofing. Estimates that are significantly lower than others usually indicate the contractor uses poor quality materials or hires unskilled workers who cost less. Paying more for reputable service assures you will receive a quality roof that lasts a long time.

If you gather the above information during your search for an experienced roofing contractor, it should become clear which roofing company is the best one to deal with and most able to provide great work. Compare your estimates carefully and weigh all the details along with the price. You should have little difficulty choosing the best roofing contractor out of the bunch!

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