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Roofs damaged in storms and other ways are usually covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies; such policies are very specific how the damage occurred and how the claim must be submitted. If your roof sustains damage that needs repairs from a roof company, avoid these common insurance mistakes. They could cause your claim to be denied, making you responsible for the cost of roof services.

Insufficient Proof

One of the most common reasons that roofing claims are denied by homeowners insurance companies a lack of evidence as to how the damage was sustained and the roof's condition prior to the claimed damage. While obvious issues like a tree branch penetrating the top of the house are easily accepted, insurance claims made for long-term damage may not be approved so easily. Wear and tear on roofs are common and readily apparent.

Protect your home by keeping good records that document the date of the most recent roof installation, when inspections were done by roof companies, and any repairs that have been made. Keep updated photographs of your structure and have a copy of all applicable warranties available.

Failure To Promptly Report Damage

The second most common mistake that results in denied insurance claims is failing to contact your insurance company before having roof services start repairs. Always contact your insurance company as soon as damage is discovered to file a claim. An adjuster must examine the damage and write an estimate based on the covered damage and your specific policy coverage.

You can have a roof company write an estimate or make temporary repairs to prevent more damage while waiting for the adjuster. Do not give approval for repair work until you know what will be covered by your insurance company.

Warranty Expiration and Insurance Policy Exclusions

Of course, you need to read your insurance policy and confirm coverage for roofing damage. If one was provided, go over any roof warranty coverage from the installer and/or materials manufacturer.. Some homeowner’s insurance policies may include certain exclusions under specific circumstances.

Expired materials warranties could invalidate certain types of claims, especially if the damage was preventable or the materials were no longer warrantied. Claims may also be denied if roofs do not receive proper maintenance as outlined in the warranty.

Not Working with A Reputable Roof Company

Choosing roof services based on price alone can create more expenses than you had hoped. Make sure the contractor you choose carries liability coverage in case someone is injured while working on your house. It is best to work with a contractor who has either been recommended or approved by your insurer.

The contractor who installed your roof should have provided a warranty for workmanship and materials. If you chose a lower price over better skills, some damage could be denied if it was preventable or due to poor quality work.

Homeowners should realize that although insurance covers most roof damage, improper claim handling or hiring an inexperienced roof company may result in claim denial. Always hire experienced roof services to do the work, then keep good inspection and maintenance records. Then if your roof receives covered damage, you should have few problems getting it repaired under your homeowner’s policy!

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