Metal roofs might be the easiest type of roof to maintain and repair. Repairing it is easy, and it could last for years with little maintenance. So if your metal roofs are damaged, simply repair it and then do regular maintenance so that you won't be troubled by leaks anymore. You don't know how to do it? Here's how:

Already damaged metal roofs would need repairs. To repair it, you'll need the following materials: all-purpose cleaners, soldering gun or soldering iron, tin snips, sandpapers, pliers, roofing cement and wire brushes.

The first step to repairing your metal roofs is to know the type of the metal the roof is made up of and get the same metal piece to create a patch. Wash the damaged area by using the all-purpose cleaner. Let it dry and then use the wire brush to get rid of debris. Next, cut a patch that is about 2 inches larger than the damaged area. Cut the corners of the patch using the tin snips. Fold an inch of the edges under and use the sandpaper to shine it. Apply flux on the folded edges and the surface that needs to be patched. Put the patch and put weight on it using a brick or a block. Solder the seams of the patch by holding the solder and melting it with the soldering iron so that it would run under the patch. Make sure to solder the edge of the patch. Next, cut a new pair of patches that is larger than the hole. Using the roofing cement, coat the roof area. Place one of the patches on the area. Coat another layer of roofing cement. Put the other patch and apply the last coat of roofing cement.

Now that you have repaired your metal roofs, you are now safe from leaks and other roof problems. But be sure to check your roof now and then. If you can, perform maintenance. To do this, get the following items: soldering gun or iron, solder, washers, screws, paint brushes, latex paints and roofing cement.

The first thing to do with maintenance is to fix holes and seams. The holes can be fixed by simply applying roofing cement on it. You should also put screws with washers on the raised areas of the roof. The lower areas of the roof are not an ideal place for screws because water can flow down to it and could result to rusting of the screws. Also, make sure that the same type of metal of the roof is used on the screw. Finally, coat the roof with paint to prevent rusts.

An easy repair and maintenance method is all you need to make your metal roofs better. With it, your home is protected from leaks for years. A metal roof will ensure your family's safety for many years without the need for costly maintenance. This green product is also safe for the environment. With new designs, colors, and finishes out there in the market, you should certainly opt for such a roof for safety and durability.