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Considering the size of many commercial roofs, a roofing replacement can cost a pretty penny. When the roof has problems, though, a building owner still needs to do something to protect their investment. Depending on the type of damage present, and the extent of the damage, some commercial roofs can be repaired or restored, as opposed to completely replaced. Working with the right commercial roof company, building owners can save money by determining which of these options makes more sense for their needs.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Roof replacement on a commercial roof involves completely removing the old roof all the way down to the roof structure, repairing or replacing the roof structure, then installing a new roof on top. This is an ideal treatment for commercial roofs experiencing structural damage, and also the most expensive option. If there is any kind of sagging or other, more serious damage affecting more than just the roofing material, a roof company will likely recommend a total roofing replacement.

The old roof is removed so that structural repairs can be made, and a new roof then installed on top. There are also times when a really old roof should not be repaired anymore, such as when they experience widespread leaking, cracking and curling of the roofing material. A roof company will usually suggest a replacement to prevent issues that could eventually result in structural damage when old roofs become less protective.

Repairing A Commercial Roof

Repairing commercial roofs is an option when there is damage, but it is not widespread. A few leaks here and there or some spots of damage to the roofing material can usually be repaired successfully by an experienced roof company. The best way to keep needed roofing repairs from turning into more widespread damage that will eventually require replacement is with regular roofing inspections. Building owners can keep on top of minor issues this way, and ensure their commercial roofs get the repairs necessary to correct small concerns before they become bigger, and more costly problems.

Commercial Roof Restoration - The In-Between

Although timely roof repairs can help prevent more serious damage, there also comes a time when commercial roofs may need more than a patch or isolated repair to remedy the effects of more widespread damage. As long as there is no structural damage present, another option that a roof company may suggest is roof restoration. Rather than continually making small repairs, or if there is widespread cracking, peeling or other damage, a restoration is probably the best, and most cost-effective choice. Roof restoration involves removing existing external roofing layers down to the structural surface, then applying a new roof to replace what was taken off. The results are a new roof covering on the existing roof structure.

Just like any other roof, commercial roofs require regular maintenance and routine roof inspections. When damage is detected, building owners have three main choices in how their roof company will handle it. These options include roofing repair, roof restoration and roof replacement. The best solution depends on the type and extent of the damage present, roof age, and a number of other factors.

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