Moss growing on a roof may have a charming visual appeal to it; however, in reality it’s very damaging to the roofing material.

Over time, your roof could end up damaged to the point that you need to call a roofer repair company out to remove it and repair the damage.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid this damage and the accompanying roof repair bills by periodically removing any moss that might grow on your shingles.

There are a number of easy methods for doing it yourself or you could hire a contractor to do it for you.

Why Do You Need to Remove Moss from Your Roof?

Moss is living vegetation that will grow quickly on shingle roofs when there is enough moisture present.

As charming as it may look by adding that touch of color to your roof, it causes widespread moisture damage over time.

Moss grows between and under shingles and allows moisture to seep in that can result in rot as well as other serious issues that require extensive roof repair.

If your house tends to get moss on the shingles, it’s important that you work with a roofer repair company to determine the best way to remove it and then keep it from growing back.

What Are the Best Ways to Remove Moss from Your Roof?

Removing moss from roofs is fairly easy as long as you use the right tools and preparations.

Do it on a cloudy day when you can leave moss preparations to soak for a half hour without drying up.

Some preparations require scrubbing with a brush, while others just rinse away.

Try one of these easy methods for home removal of moss from your shingles:

  • Ready Made Moss Removal Preparations - There are a number of commercially made moss treatments you can buy at any home center. Most can be sprayed on with a hose and just rinsed off. These preparations usually contain a number of chemicals and should be used with caution.
  • Zinc Sulfate Moss Removal Powder - Zinc sulfate is one of the best moss removers and preventers. Used in powder form, a roofer repair company will apply the powder at the ridge and leave it there for rain to slowly wash it over the entire shingle surface. This treatment will kill and prevent moss for a few years. Unfortunately, it can kill plants that receive water that drips off the roof.
  • Bleach-Based Moss Remover Solution - Make a less toxic home preparation of bleach, water, and trisodium phosphate to spray on, scrub the shingles with a brush, then rinse.
  • Plant-Friendly Moss Remover Solution - For something even less toxic, make a plant-friendly solution from bleach and water or white vinegar or an alternative solution from Dawn dish soap and water. Both are less likely to damage any plants around your house. You will need to scrub your roof after applying them and then spray the solution off.

So - Ready to Get Started?

Keeping moss off your roof is important for its longevity and to prevent the need for expensive roof repair.

Try one of these moss removal methods above or if it’s easier, call a roofer repair company to do it for you.

They have the equipment needed to safely go up on your roof and will do a great job getting the moss off!

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