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Whether you’re in the process of having a house built or in the middle of a major renovation, one thing is certain, you will need a roofing installation. As a homeowner, there are many options available to choose from in regard to what material should be used for your roof, including its design, how well it is protected against the elements and so on.

There are many different kinds of roof systems that might fit your needs; however, one popular choice these days is EDPM roofing. What exactly is EDPM roofing you ask? Well, let’s take a look.

What is EDPM roofing?

EDPM stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. It may sound like a mouthful but it describes something that is relatively simple to understand which is that EDPM is a kind of a synthetic rubber used in roofing. Many homeowners choose this product as their roofing material for a number of reasons.


One thing that EDPM roofing systems have going for them is the fact that they are incredibly durable. With the proper roofing installation and maintenance, an EDPM roof can last up to 30 years. If the roof is well-cared for and there are no extreme weather conditions to cause extensive damage, EDPM roofs can last even longer than their expected lifespan. This is an investment that truly will really pay for itself over time.


EDPM roofing works great in any kind of climate or weather, which is another benefit of having this material installed. Other roofing systems are vulnerable to certain climates; however, when you have an EDPM roof installed, you need not worry about whether it is hot or cold where you live. Its resilience makes it ideal for areas where the weather may be on the extreme side.

Energy Efficient

Another benefit is that EDPM roofing can help decrease the cost of electricity due to its energy efficiency. The roof itself is not energy efficient per se, yet it allows you to use your air conditioning less in a hot climate and your furnace less in cooler climates. This is especially true when using black colored roofing.

Easily Maintained

One thing that makes EDPM roofing so desirable is that it truly is easy to maintain. The resilience of the material reduces the need for most kinds of maintenance unless there is damage caused by an accident or extreme weather. Even just a routine inspection twice a year is enough to keep the roof in good condition. Roofing services only need to be called for repairs when necessary.

If you really want to find a roof that is right for your needs, consult with experienced roofing services that can provide you with an assessment of what types of materials are best suited for your roof. Be sure to consider EDPM roofing as one of your choices since it could be a welcome addition to your home!

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