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Searching for the best roofing contractor can be a challenge for many homeowners. It is essential to find a contractor that is not only experienced in residential roofs but also provides full service from estimation to the final clean up. Warranties are another issue altogether. To make the process of interviewing a roofing contractor easier, here are a few important questions that homeowners should ask to help find the best roofer.

  1. Is Your Business Licensed? Although not every state requires that roofing contractors be licensed, some do. Licensing is a way of knowing that a roofing contractor is skilled, stays up to date with roofing technology, and operates using respectable business practices. Find out if licensing is required, and seek contractors that are licensed.
  2. Does Your Business Carry Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance?  Roofing can be a dangerous job. Before hiring, it is important to know that a roofing contractor has general liability insurance, and also workers compensation insurance. These two policies ensure that homeowners will not be held liable should someone become injured while contracted roofing work is being performed.
  3. What Warranties Do You Provide?  There are two different types of warranties that apply to residential roofs, those being manufacturer warranties and workmanship warranties. Find out which of these are offered, and all details pertaining to these warranties, and how they will be honored.
  4. Do You Third-Party Contract Work?  Some roofers contract work with a homeowner then hires a third party business to actually complete the work. Homeowners should avoid these circumstances, since they can become very confusing, especially in the event that there is a problem with the work performed. Getting warranties honored becomes more complicated as well.
  5. Can You Provide References For Me to Contact? A reputable roofing contractor should be more than happy to provide references that prospective customers can contact to inquire about their residential roofs and the whole roofing experience. If a contractor is unwilling to provide references, homeowners should view this as a warning sign that something might not be right.
  6. What Will You Do If There Is Bad Weather? Even with the best planning, sometimes bad weather can interrupt a roofing job underway. Find out how the contractor plans on handling this issue in order to protect the roof - and the home - from damage when bad weather happens before the roof is complete.
  7. How Will You Clean Up and Dispose of Refuse?  Roofing creates a lot of building waste. It is essential to find out how a contractor plans on collecting that waste and disposing of it, and cleaning up the property once everything is complete. Most contractors bring their own rollback dumpster that they dispose of afterward. Also, find out where they play on sitting the rollback.

Starting with these questions, any homeowner can get an idea of which local roofing contractor is most reputable, and will provide the best work for them. After getting a general idea of the best options, those shopping for residential roofs should then request a written work estimate to help them make the final choice.


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