Are you frantically searching on the web to figure out how to fix or at least plug up roof leaks during a bad storm? If you have several buckets catching water that is dripping from your ceilings, you definitely need to do some damage control. Roofs are particularly vulnerable to water damage that can eventually lead to mold or structural destruction.

To avoid costly roof repair or a full roof replacement, calling roof services early is key. When you have a leak, it’s important to not delay getting a contractor to come take a look. Roof repair is less expensive than the cost of a new roof. Following are some tips to help you deal with this problem while you wait for roof services to arrive.

Turn Off The Power

When you have leaks dripping from your ceiling or even running down your walls, you don’t immediately know the source of the water. When this happens, you could be in danger of an electrical short or even bigger issues should water make its way into outlets or wiring. Be sure to turn off the electricity at the breaker box before doing anything else concerning your roof.

Make Sure You Have Buckets

Whether you have one leak in your roof or several, the water has to go somewhere. If you don’t want water all over your furniture, carpeting, floors, and expensive appliances, put out buckets to catch it and dump them regularly.

If you have an attic, put the buckets there so the water does not get into your living space. If you notice that your ceiling is beginning to sag from water weight, allow it to drain by poking a hole in the ceiling. It’s better for roof services to repair a small hole rather than replace an entire ceiling.

Put On A Tarp

Putting on a tarp is only advisable if the weather outside is stable enough for this to be done. Do not attempt to do this in the middle of a storm. Putting a tarp over any visible damage such as missing or broken shingles can make a difference and is an easy way to prevent water from causing additional roof repair.

Keep in mind that this is only a bandage. You will still need roof services to come out quickly to do an inspection and make some type of roof repair.

Call Someone For Help

If you haven’t already called for emergency roof services to inspect your roof and do some type of temporary roof repair, do this now. Unless you have the know-how, time, and skill to actually do the repair yourself, it is better left to the pros.

Leaks are one of the biggest signs that roofs are in trouble. If you find even a small leak or the beginnings of a water stain, don’t delay repairs and make sure you call expert roof services right away. If you delay, you will likely find yourself paying the price later on!

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