Few things make homeowners worry more than problems with their roofs. If you've ever looked up at your roof and wondered about all that black stuff you see there, more often than not the answer is that it is either black or green algae growth.

Algae is actually pretty common on roofs and in most cases is not an immediate cause for alarm.

Proper roof maintenance can help you get rid of any algae that may be growing on your shingles.

You may also need to take certain steps to prevent algae from returning so you do not find yourself in need of a major roof repair later on.

Following are some things you should know about black algae and whether or not you should be worried about it.

Black Streaks on Roofing

Black algae often appears on roofs as black streaks across the entire structure. There is some debate in the roofing industry as to whether this algae is truly harmful.

Some roofing companies will push roof maintenance or try to sell certain cleaning supplies in order to get rid of the algae as future damage prevention.

Others in the business say that black algae is no cause for concern and that roof repair would only be needed if damage were to occur at some point.

Algae is not generally an issue unless moss begins to grow, at which point your roofing shingles would be in trouble.

If you feel your roof may be a target for moss growth, call a local roof maintenance company to take care of the issue as soon as possible.

How To Remove Black Algae

Many different methods exist for getting rid of the black algae that grows on roofs. You can use a pump sprayer to apply a mixture of bleach and water to the roofing material.

After it is applied, use a hose to wash off any residue that may be left behind. Roof cleaning chemicals may also do the trick. If you feel you need help, you can always call roof repair professionals to be sure that everything is done properly.

No matter what, never use a pressure washer to clean asphalt shingles. This is a costly mistake that you will regret when a roof repair becomes necessary after the pressurized water blasts off all of the coating and granules on the shingles.

Future Prevention

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of black algae growth prevention methods. Attaching copper strips across the entire edge of roofs is one option homeowners can use.

Water then washes over these strips, killing any new algae. If your shingles are older, there really isn’t any good way to prevent new growth completely; you may have to rely on regular roof maintenance instead.

Yes, It Is a Problem

If you encounter black algae growth on your roof, it is not an issue that will immediately cause irreparable damage.

Still, algae can lead to moss growth and once moss begins to grow, you will find yourself in need of a major roof repair.

The best way to deal with this issue is with regular maintenance to keep your roof as healthy and algae-free as possible!

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