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Tesla is a name many people recognize, the name of a man known to the world for his contributions to electricity - Nikola Tesla. If you say the name Tesla now, people think of Elon Musk’s company that is making waves not only in the electric car industry but also in the realm of solar roofs. Only recently, news broke out that Tesla was coming out with solar shingles, glass shingles that are solar panels that couple with powerful battery systems to help power your home after completion of a new roof installation.

As electricity costs climb, more and more people are beginning to support solar energy. Some homeowners choose to have roofing contractors put solar panels on their roofs to partially lessen their dependency on the electric grid. Others choose to power their homes completely by solar energy, something that is  becoming more and more possible through advances made in technology.

If you are looking to make the investment in solar power, would a Tesla roof installation be just what the doctor ordered?

How Does It Work?

Before you go ahead and get a solar roof installation, you have to do the numbers. Thankfully, doing so is made easy by Tesla themselves by going to their website and filling in some information in their Solar Roof Estimator. This calculator will look at the size of your roof and average monthly power bill, then let you know how much of your roof should be covered in the innovative glass tiles.

The rest of the roof is then covered by roofing contractors with regular shingles. From the street it is impossible to tell the difference and your house will look as normal. Coupled with powerful Tesla batteries, you will be able to offset the usual energy usage of your home.

Is It Right For You?

Some people started scrambling to hire a roofing contractor the moment they found out about this innovation. However, is this system the right investment or would you be better suited with a regular roof with solar panels?

It All Comes Down To Cost

Tesla roofs can be cost prohibitive, as the technology is still somewhat new, meaning it is still rather expensive. A single-family home with a $150 monthly electric bill and a 2000 square foot roof would need to have 40% of the area covered by a roofing contractor in the glass tiles. To do this, the cost will amount to somewhere near $47,000. With a deduction for federal income tax credit, it will come out to about $37,000. This cost is in addition to the expenses to having a roof installation done.

Tesla roofs are a much bigger initial investment than normal solar panels. The system itself is innovative and most definitely provides clean energy; however, the costs for a full roof installation are nothing to sneeze at. It all comes down to whether you can justify the cost with the long-term benefits for your roof - and be just what the roof doctor ordered!

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