Whenever people think about the design of their roof, they think about its shape and style only (most of the times). They also check its suitability with other homes in the neighborhood. No doubt these are important considerations, but along with these factors, there are many more factors that should be considered while selecting a particular roof design.

factors to consider while selecting roof design

To make the house beautiful, many homeowners choose to have complex roof design. But they might not be aware of the fact that they need to spend a lot in construction as well as maintenance of a complex roof.

If you choose simple roofing design, having few intersecting surfaces, then you can easily get them installed. Such designs easily fit in simple house designs and are not very expensive to build. Maintenance cost of such roofs is also not very high.Simpler will be the roof; lesser will be the clogging points, valleys and other places that require regular cleaning. Simple roofs are always considered more practical and functional.

From simple design, we do not mean only flat roofs. But there are many more roof designs that come under the category of simple roofs. Many homeowners install a flat roof in their house due to its low maintenance cost, but they do not consider about its maintenance cost. A flat roof costs a lot in the long run because its maintenance is very costly.


Another concern with flat roofs is of security. If you have steeply inclined roofs, then it will be difficult for the thieves and burglars to get into the upper portions of your house. On the other hand, they can easily break into a house having the flat roof. You also need to consider factors like building codes, climate, the cost of building a particular roof while choosing a design.

types of roof designs

Some common shapes in roof designs are a pyramid, cross gabled, front/side gabled, gambrel, bonnet, Mansard, flat, salt box, etc. All these shapes provide different features and are maintained in different ways.While selecting a roof design for your home, you must also make sure that the roof complements the appearance of your home and also offers adequate resistance to the vagaries of weather.

Roof material

Another thing to do is decide on the sort of material you would like your roof to be made of. To give you a couple of the different types of roof materials used in this day and age, you can try to look up the slate, steel, and asphalt roofs to see what they look like. However, many other materials can be used in the installation of a new roof so you should not feel like you have to settle for any of the natural materials mostly used these days unless you want to.