Is there a new water stain on your ceiling that wasn’t there just a few days or weeks ago? Chances are that unless you actually saw how the stain appeared, you don’t know where, why, or how it got there; don't panic.

Even though a water stain could mean a roof leak, don’t run to the phone to call a roofer replacement contractor immediately.

The only thing you may need roofer repair services to do is fix the underlying issue, not replace the entire roof. Sometimes, a water stain isn't from a leak in your roof; it might be due to condensation.

Most homeowners can't distinguish these two things and just assume any ceiling discoloration is due to a leak.

So how do roofers tell condensation and a leaky roof apart? Learn from these tips to help distinguish roof leaks from more common condensation.


Condensation is what occurs when there is excessive moisture inside your home. As heat rises, moisture builds up and collects in the airspace of the attic. If your roof is properly vented, the air in the attic cools down which creates condensation.

Experienced roofer replacement contractors note that there are many reasons for excess moisture inside homes such as fireplaces, hot showers or bathtubs, space heaters, hot tubs, saunas, Jacuzzis, laundry appliances, and air humidifiers.

An overabundance of moisture can even be created simply by cooking.

Roofer repair services experts also point out that condensation can sometimes be caused by ice dams on the roof during the winter months. If you have seen ice dams on your roof, it’s time to call local roofers to repair the issue or you could end up needing an entire roof replacement.

Other Signs

Water stains on ceilings are not the only way to tell if there is a condensation problem.

Many roofer replacement contractors who have repaired and replaced roofs due to this problem report that you may notice moisture around light fixtures, in and around vents both in the bathroom and the kitchen, or even around the chimney area.

Skylights are also vulnerable to moisture since the temperature outside and inside a home can vary so much.

Preventing Condensation

Although condensation can cause major issues in a home, this can fortunately be avoided. With the help of roofer repair services, underlying problems that are causing the condensation can be fixed.

Once any problems have been repaired, roofers will then ensure the roof/attic is adequately ventilated.

Another way to prevent condensation is by running ventilation fans when bathing or cooking.

If there are no ventilation fans, they can be easily installed and are generally affordable. If this is not possible, you can always crack a window a bit to allow moisture to escape.

It may not be the most ideal way to ventilate a home when it’s cold outside; however, it wills work when it's the only option available.

Moving Forward

You may call roofer repair services to fix what you think is a leak and have it actually turn out to be a condensation problem.

Regardless of whether the issue is a leak or condensation, if you think you have any kind of problem with your roof that needs fixing, call local roofers as soon as possible.

If you wait too long, you might need a roofer replacement contractor to install an entirely new and costly roof!

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