There is more to a roof than just its shingles, more specifically, its insulation. High quality insulation that is installed by experienced roofing contractors, is an important part of providing good roofing services. It is also one that can help keep a home comfortable year round. To obtain the best energy efficiency for their home, a homeowner must first understand how the insulation installed by a residential and commercial roofing company can help them reduce heating and cooling bills. The cost incurred when adding the right type of insulation, can save thousands over the service life of a roof.

Roof Insulation Is Not Attic Insulation

When most people think of insulation, they generally think of attic or wall insulation. While this type of insulation is important, and can help in retaining heat and air conditioning in a home, roofing insulation is more important when it comes to controlling heat absorption through the roof, and in keeping homes cool. Roofing insulation is also applied differently than attic insulation. Additionally, it is a type of insulation that many people either do not know about, or think they can do without, since it adds a little more expense to a standard roof installation done by a residential and commercial roofing company. Yet when these two types of insulation are used together they create a much more efficient home, reducing utility bills by as much as 13 percent, according to home efficiency studies.

Exterior Roof Insulation Increases Home Efficiency

Attic insulation is installed by roofing services underneath the roof, usually in the attic rafters. Roof insulation is affixed on top of the roof, between the decking and the top, external roofing material. Roof insulation is made of various materials like foam board, fiberglass, and radiant barrier insulation, and is laid in sheets over decking onto which shingles or other external material is attached. When experienced roofing contractors lay this insulation on the outer side of the roof, it helps to protect a home in the summer by keeping heat out, while preventing the escape of cooled air. In the winter, it helps to retain warmth through reflection and reduced heat absorption passing through the decking and into the attic space. Homes that stay cooler when they should, and retain heat longer when necessary, help reduce the need to use utilities, and money spent on heating and cooling.

Interior Attic Insulation Saves Money

Attic insulation is a more common type of this material, and is applied up against the interior surface of roof decking, within the roof rafters. Attic insulation comes in various types, such as fiberglass and foam board, which are cut and fit between roof rafters. Spray-on foam that expands to seal the roof structure on the inside is another type of attic insulation often used. When used alone, attic insulation can improve heat retention, reducing heating costs in winter. Yet it does not prevent radiant heat from entering attic space in warmer weather, increasing the heat load in the attic. Good ventilation is essential in keeping both the attic and the entire house, cooler. With the addition of radiant barrier roof insulation, the entire roofing system can be even more efficient.

Depending on the local climate and whether keeping cool or staying warm is of greater importance, smart homeowners can work with their local roofing services to find the best solution to fit their own personal needs. Whether installing a new roof, or looking to improve the thermal efficiency of an existing one, experienced roofing contractors from any local, residential and commercial roofing company have the capabilities to install the right insulation to save a homeowner money!

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