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Gutters play a crucial and important role when it comes to roofs. Without them, water will improperly drain, cause structural damage, and leak. Of course, gutters are not immune to the elements, which means at some point you will probably need to hire a roof company to either perform roof maintenance or make repairs.

How do you know if the gutters need to be repaired or if the problem with your roof and gutters are just because they are clogged and dirty? How do you know if you actually need to call a roof company for help?

It can be difficult to tell if your roof simply needs routine maintenance or if something else may require repairs unless there are visual indications. Following are some signs to look for that can help tell if you need to call a roof company to come out to look and then repair the gutters, if necessary.

Splits or Cracks in Gutters

Gutter systems are generally smooth. They are designed so that water can seamlessly flow from roofs to the downspouts. If you see any cracks or splits in the gutters at all, it is important to call for roof maintenance right away before developing water damage issues with your roof, walls, or ceilings from water seeping through. This can be an even bigger problem if the water goes straight down and into the foundation.

Separation and Sagging

Gutters are supposed to be attached flush to roofs and walls. They should not have any separation or sag in any way, shape, or form. If the gutters are separating from roofline or are starting to sag in any area, it is important to call a roof company to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Sagging and gutter  separation occurs when there is too much debris blocking the path of the water. When the water cannot properly drain, the gutters bow and sag due to the unmanageable weight.

Rust and Peeling Paint

Rust on gutters can be easily avoided with regular roof maintenance. If you do find rust or if paint is beginning to peel, it’s time to call a roof company for help. Rust or peeling paint is generally a good sign that roof maintenance is needed. In order to prevent future rust, the entire gutter should be re-painted.

Roof maintenance should be done regularly and not skipped. The same is true with roofs and gutters in need of repair. Never delay calling a roof company for help or there may be even bigger trouble later on. Most importantly, if you cannot see any visible damage to the gutters but still think there may be a problem, do not hesitate to ask a contractor to come do a thorough inspection!

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