Roofs are vulnerable to all outside elements; however, shingles are particularly vulnerable to the sun’s harsh UV rays.

In fact, many of the roof repairs that roof services make are caused by the sun damage a structure has suffered over its lifecycle.

As the years go by, asphalt shingles begin to break down and deteriorate due to exposure to the sun day in and day out. Yet this type of damage is not always obvious.

Many homeowners are not able to tell when asphalt shingles have sun damage issues. So how exactly can you determine whether or not your roofing material is damaged? Following are some of the signs that professional roof services suggest you look for.

Shingles That Are Warped or Curling

During regular maintenance or when roof services make some other type of roof repair, it’s a good idea to have them look for shingles that are beginning to warp and/or curl. A shingle with curling corners is a solid sign that you will probably need a repair or replacement soon.

Similarly, if you see shingles that look as dry as the Sahara desert because they are obviously cracked and parched, chances are this has also been caused by the sun. The sun’s UV rays damage roofs by slowly destroying the oils that keep shingles flexible and pliable.

Roof repair contractors often recognize these signs and realize that the sun is the culprit. When this is the case, damaged shingles will need to be replaced. If most of your roof consists of shingles that have these issues, this is an indication that a full replacement may be necessary.

Roofing Materials Are Separating From The Flashing

Heat causes materials on roofs to expand, while cold causes roofing to contract. Throughout the years, as this process repeats itself the roof can begin to warp and cause the shingles to pull away from the flashing around gutters, chimneys, and skylights.

If you notice that the roof is separating from the flashing, this could be a sign of sun damage and it may be time to bring in the help of experienced roof services.


One of the most obvious signs of sun damage that can happen to roofs is discoloration and sun-fading. A quick fix for this issue is to apply a new coating; however, this will not be of any help if the shingles have become brittle. In this type of situation, it is best to call a local roof repair company for an analysis.

If you think your roof may be suffering from sun damage, the best idea is to call expert roof services to conduct a full inspection and make any necessary roof repairs before things get worse. Although sun damage cannot be completely prevented, it can be mitigated by performing regular maintenance!

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