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Although these days it has become somewhat possible to accurately predict weather, it Is still completely impossible to control or even influence it. The fact of the matter is that acts of nature are simply out of man’s hands. One such thing that humans can’t control is hail – it happens when it happens, whether we like it or not. All we can really do is hope for the best with our roofs and pray that we won’t end up needing roof repair or even worse, a roof replacement

When hail damages your roof, all you can do is get it fixed. To do that, you need money – and to get money, you need to file an insurance claim. If you have an active insurance policy with the premiums paid up to date, here’s a quick guide on the insurance claim process to help get you started!

Inform Your Insurance Company

Of course, you can’t file a claim for possible roof repair or roof replacement unless you get in touch with your insurance company. This is the first logical step to take.

Call your insurance company and inform them of the roof damage that has occurred. They will send an insurance estimator to look at your property and verify the damage to your roof.

If you have an estimate from a insurance company and a quote for roof repair or roof replacement, now is a good time to hand it call a roofing company.

Call A Roofing Contractor

After your insurance company has been informed of the hail damage to your roof, you can call a reputable and established roofing contractor to inspect your roofs for damage and write an estimate.

They will let you know the extent of damage, review the estimate done by your insurance company, and advise what needs to be done to repair your roof.

They will also let you know if you actually need a full roof replacement if they see that the damage is unrepairable.

Document Everything

A very important stop to actually take as soon as the storm has passed and  you are able to look at your roof is to document everything. Take photos or even videos of your roof and the damage has happened. If possible, provide photos of your roof and home before the damage occurred. Note everything both the insurance estimator and the contractor say during inspection.

Repairs Can Be Started

Once you have an estimate from your insurance company, it should be provided to the roofing company you have selected. They will compare estimates and get with your insurance company to see if the two roof repair estimates have any differences.

If a complete roof replacement is needed or only roof repairs because the damage is not too extensive, the repair or replacement of the roof can begin. If additional damage is discovered, the roof contractor will get with your insurance company to have supplement work and payments approved.

The process for filing an insurance claim for hail damage to your roof is simple, although it may be confusing at times be. Still, it is a necessary step to take if you want your roof repaired or replaced with a new roof. Just follow the steps above to file your claim and wait for your roof to be back in great condition!

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