Accurate estimates for roof services can sometimes be challenging, especially on exceptionally large or tall buildings, or when roof access is otherwise prevented. Today, roofers have a new solution to this problem. Radio-controlled drones, which were originally developed by the military for surveillance missions, have now found a new use in the roofing industry. Since they can be flown above any roof to gain a true bird’s eye view, many roofers are adopting this technology to make their estimates easier, and more accurate.

What Are Drones?

Drones are a type of UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicle, and were originally invented by the military for use in surveillance and spy missions. They are small, radio-controlled vehicles very similar to a radio-controlled helicopter, only they carry various types of video or photographic equipment. Although this technology was initially designed for secretive use, it is now legal for anyone to fly a drone.

Drones In the Roofing Industry

Interest in drones has greatly increased over the past few years, mostly because they can be very fun to fly. They are also quite useful, with people coming up with many new and creative ways to put these little flying machines to use almost daily. The roofing industry has followed suit, and for a lot of good reasons. Drones are relatively inexpensive, and provide roof services many benefits, such as the following:

  • Access - Flying a drone handles the main concern that many roofers struggle with, and that is access to the roof on some buildings. Because they can be flown up over a roof, recording or photographing the roof’s surface, a drone can do in a few minutes what it might take roofers much longer to safely do.
  • Safety - When roofers go up on a roof they put their safety at risk. This risk increases when trying to access particularly challenging rooftops. By reducing the number of times that roof services techs must go up on a roof, that risk is greatly reduced. A drone offers a convenient way to examine a roof without the safety concern.
  • Cost-Effectiveness - A drone can be purchased fairly inexpensively today, with many basic models priced around $1,000.00. When used regularly, they can quickly pay for themselves. Flying a drone can drastically reduce the time required to view and estimate a roofing job, and also provide a more thorough look at a roof so that an estimate is more accurate. Accurate estimates are important for roof services in terms of maintaining a positive reputation.

State Regulations on Drones

Currently, almost anyone can purchase and fly a drone, but the FAA does monitor and regulate drone use in some states. When drones are used for business, the FAA usually permits this; however, it is essential that anyone who is considering the use of a drone to inquire about rules in their state to avoid potential legal concerns.

Drones are extremely useful, and even fun to fly. Today, radio-controlled drones are becoming popular in many different applications, including use for roof inspections. Due to the advantages, more roofers have began to invest in this technology. By offering faster, safer, and more accurate visualization for giving the proper estimate for roof services, creative roofers are taking to the skies with roofing drones!

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