One thing is for certain, roofs are expensive and definitely count as an investment in your home. The installation of a new roof can also help raise the value of your home and provide a variety of benefits depending on the type of roof that was installed.

If you are in the market for a replacement roof, contact local roof services to learn the types of roofing systems they recommend for your location.

Choosing Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are slowly becoming more popular and with good reason. If you are considering a metal system for your next roof covering, it is important that you weigh all the pros and cons.

Even though metal roofs are generally more expensive than other types of roofs, they do often end up paying for themselves over time. To learn more about metal roofing its value over the years, read 5 important things regarding these roof installations:

1. Longevity and Durability

Metal roofs are incredibly durable. One of the main benefits of metal is its longevity. A new roof installation can easily last several decades, especially with proper maintenance by experienced roof services. In fact, a new metal roof that is incredibly resilient and expected to last for many years may very well make certain that you will not have to pay for another roof any time soon.

2. Low Maintenance Needs

Roofs that are made of metal are known for being extremely low maintenance and require inspections less frequently. This is especially true for standing seam roofs which are less vulnerable than exposed fastener or screw-down roofing. You will not need to call a roof company to make repairs very often as well.

3. Tax Benefits

You may not know that there are tax benefits for the installation of metal roofing. If your new roof has an Energy Star rating as most metal roofs do, certain federal tax credits can be applied to your taxes the year that your roof is installed.

You can get back 10% of new roofing costs, excluding labor, up to a maximum of $500. You can even check your local area’s tax code to see if there are any other savings available.

4. Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

Metal is known to reflect the sun, which means that your home will be cooler. It is also the reason for its Energy Star rating and your tax credit. According to most roof services, when your roof reflects the heat of the sun, it keeps your attic cooler.

Your attic is the insulating layer between the interior of your home and the outside; it can easily become overheated. When it gets too hot, the HVAC system will not work as well and require more energy to cool your home. A cool attic means less of a need for power and less strain on the HVAC system.

5. Raised Property Value

A metal roof can often increase the value of your home by 5%. The 50+ year lifespan of metal roofs also means that if you decide to sell your property, this can be an additional selling point.

Metal roofs provide many home benefits. If it is time to have a new roof installed and you have chosen metal as the material, be sure to hire well-qualified roof services  that are experienced working with this type of material. With the proper installation and maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy your new roof for many years to come!

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