A sturdy roof is one of the strongest parts of a house, withstanding sun, wind, and rain for many years. It is also that one part of a house that is most susceptible to problems over time. When these roofing problems are not properly corrected, they can lead to extensive damage. By understanding some of the most common problems with a roof, a homeowner can be better prepared to watch for these issues, and to know when they need to call a reliable residential roofing company to make necessary repairs, before any small concerns become major issues.

Roof Leaks

Leaks are the leading problem where roofs are concerned, especially when they are not discovered right away. Leaks around flashing and other places difficult to seal on a roof are common. Some of the other frequent causes of leaks are: improper installation by roofers; poorly done repairs; or, damage to roofing materials. In all of these cases, the answer is for the homeowner to periodically check for leaks both inside and outside, and enlist the help of an experienced roofing repair and services company to have their roofers climb to the higher areas on the roof to check for leaks and to perform any required maintenance.

Blistering and Cracking

Roofing materials may eventually suffer damage from continued exposure to the sun’s harsh rays. Shrinkage, cracking, and blistering are common occurrences. Depending on the type of roof surface, this could eventually mean leaks. Blistered shingles are especially significant, and require replacement by a residential roofing repair company to prevent the underlayment from becoming wet and causing widespread roof damage.

Tears, Punctures, and Blow-Offs

Tears, punctures, and roofing material blowing off are fairly common types of roofing damage. These types of damages are often caused by falling or flying debris hitting the roof or roofing membranes, and rolls or shingles that become loose or are not properly affixed in the first place. Flat roofs can experience all three of these problems, while shingled roofs are more susceptible to blow-offs due to loose or damaged shingles. Blow-offs often occur as a result of blistering, or because of some other reason that causes the shingles to loosen, allowing wind to get under them.

Animal and Insect Damage

Birds, rodents, insects and other creatures have the bad habit of taking up residence either in, under, or on roofs. Unfortunately, their presence means damage. Some animals make holes right through decking and live in roofing trusses or attic rafters. Others gradually eat away at roofing material and the support structure itself. The damage caused by these creatures not only leaves a roof open to water damage, but depending on how extensive the damage is to trusses and beams, it can endanger the entire roofing system.

Mold and Moisture

Because of all of the reasons referenced above, a roof can lose its water tightness and suffer from water damage. Unfortunately, where there is water, there is frequently mold as well. This can create even bigger problems, not just for the roof itself, but for the entire home. Regardless of where the mold originates, it is very unhealthy. Moisture, even if there is no mold growth, will eventually rot wood and roofing materials, causing major problems once it is finally discovered. Moisture issues are caused by more than just leaks, as condensation is one of the main reasons why a roof suffers from moisture damage, even when there seem to be no leaks.

While these are not the only roofing problems a homeowner must be concerned with, they are the most prevalent. The best way to avoid these concerns, as well as many others, is to have the roof regularly inspected by a company that offers dependable roofing services. These roofers should also perform any required maintenance, at the same time. Except for damage caused by injury to the roof itself, most of these problems can be avoided with the proper roof maintenance. By contacting an experienced local roofing repair and residential maintenance company to discuss the best ways to keep a roof leak and damage free, homeowners can expect their roof to perform well for for years to come!

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