Commercial roofs are a whole different animal than residential ones. They require different roofing materials and techniques; they can certainly encounter different problems.

This is why if you own a commercial building, you should work not only with an experienced commercial roofing contractor but also a roofing consultant.

To be certain that you get the correct commercial roof services needed to keep your building in great shape, a consultant is a useful middleman who will save you time, money, and aggravation.

Commercial Roofing Consultant vs. Roofing Contractor

If you own a commercial building, it’s important to know the different professionals who can help you keep your building’s most important and expensive asset in great condition.

A roofing contractor is the professional you hire to repair and replace your commercial roof; a roofing consultant provides a different sort of commercial roof service.

Although consultants do not perform any actual work on your building, they are experts on commercial roofing and know about everything from the materials available and current techniques to diagnosing problems and making repair or replacement recommendations.

It’s good to have a consultant out to inspect your building's roof to tell you what it needs and how to deal with any problems so you can then hire a contractor to come out and perform the work.

Why Should You Work With A Commercial Roof Consultant?

When your roof needs care, repairs, replacement, or even maintenance, the first person you might think to call is your roofing contractor.

There are many reasons why you might reconsider that and instead bring out a consultant first.

This is especially so if you already know you may need substantial commercial roof services like a replacement, repair of major damage, or work on an ongoing problem.

Consider these important reasons why you should first discuss your commercial roof with a consultant:

  • Experience and Knowledge - Roofing consultants are highly trained and experienced contractors who have years of professional, on-the-job experience, hours of additional continuing education, passed a consulting exam, and a minimum of 5 professional references. It takes some time and a large amount of knowledge to actually become a consultant.
  • Diagnostics and Problem Solving - A key service that consultants provide to building owners is diagnosing their roofing problems and coming up with the best solutions for them. Their vast knowledge of techniques and materials gives them an upper hand over contractors who may not have as much experience with less common problems and specialty solutions.
  • Unbiased Opinion - It is a consultant’s job to provide you with the best professional opinions and recommendations for your specific need. Because they are independent and don’t work for a contractor service, you will receive an unbiased opinion on what your building actually needs without having to worry about being sold unnecessary services.
  • Save Time and Money - Consultants can find the right solution for your problem so you can fix it the first time instead. You won't end up having repair after repair done by a contractor who may not know how to actually diagnose and properly correct the problem.
  • Reputable Contractor References - Your consultant can also give you the names of reputable contractors in your area they've worked with and know can do quality work.

Whether you are just researching new installation ideas for your commercial roof or have a problem that’s been happening for years, a roofing consultant can help you.

In Conclusion

Hire a consultant to come out before you call a roofing contractor; make use of their years of experience. You can& then hire a contractor and request the commercial roof services you actually need to repair and maintain your building the way it should be!

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