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It can be argued that the roof is the most important part of any building. No structure is complete and fully functional without one. Roofers certain know that every structure needs a covering, regardless of whether it’s residential or commercial. If you’ve got a commercial property and want it to provide more value as well as be more efficient, contact a commercial roofer to examine your roof and advise if you do indeed need a new roof. Doing just that would provide many benefits, both aesthetically and functionally.

Commercial roofer contractors will tell you that there are new roofing systems available to make your property more energy efficient. There have been new innovations that have been coming out recently, one of them being cool roofing. This is a new system that more and more roofers are suggesting to owners looking for property improvements.

So What Exactly Is A Cool Roof System?

Normally you wouldn’t think of your roof when it comes to cooling a space. More often than not, your first thought would be windows, doors and insulation. In warmer climes, commercial roofer contractors advise that this innovation can actually make a significant difference.

Normally, building tops are painted or covered in darker colors, which basically absorb all the heat from the sun, which in turn heats up the rooms underneath. The cool roof system upgrades the roof to a lighter color, which reflects light and heat energy to help keep the structure cooler.

A commercial roofer will often suggest this system to anyone who is looking to save on their air conditioning costs up to 15%.

What Are The Benefits?

Not everyone will pay much to upgrade their roofs just to cut costs on their electricity bills. However, roofers advise that there are other benefits that this system can provide. Naturally, the main effect of the system is a cooler overall structure, meaning your property will have cooler interior spaces.

If you’re environmentally conscious, commercial roofer contractors point out that this system reduces the amount of electricity needed, which lessens the amount of fuel necessary and the production of carbon emissions. If you further invest in solar panels, you can increase your property’s energy efficiency and save more on your electric bills.

Should I Upgrade?

If you haven’t decided on whether or not to upgrade, let commercial roofers help you consider the pros and cons of cool roofs. If you find that your current roof is serving you well, you may not really need an upgrade; however, if you do want to improve your property and make it more energy efficient and comfortable, you may want to give your local commercial roofer contractors a call.

Always make sure that you hire roofers that have worked on and installed cool roofs. Commercial roofers encourage companies to consider replacing their current roof with a cool one. The benefits are numerous for companies looking to upgrade the top of their building to help save energy costs!

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