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Any type of roof leaks regardless of whether they are commercial or residential can be quite problematic. If you have a flat roof, which is often the case with commercial properties, leaks are even more common. This can happen even if you ensure that regular inspections and maintenance are done.

Many building top leaks can be fixed with roofing repair. Yet with time and a lot of wear and tear, repairing may no longer be the answer; you may need a full commercial roof replacement. So how exactly do you how when you need a full replacement or if you can get by with another round of repairs?

Call the Professionals

It can be difficult to tell whether repair or replacement is needed; the best way to determine this is to have a roofing contractor inspect the installment. They can assess the damage and establish what it will take to fix it, whether this is by replacement or repair. Most roofing professionals will perform a free assessment before taking any action so you can make an informed repair versus replacement decision.

SO what so roof inspectors look for and how they will know if the time has come to replace your commercial roof or if another roofing repair is still possible? Following are some helpful items to be examined.

Checking Points of Attachment and Seams

The inspector will take a look at your commercial roof and check every seam, attachment point, and joint. They will look for cracks, deterioration, age, wear, punctures, and leaks. They may even cut into the roof to check the integrity of the structure underneath the membrane.

Identify Areas That Puddle

Puddles of water that stay on the roof for over 48 hours can cause problems. These pools of water, especially near points of attachment, can often be the reason behind leaks. The situation can worsen if insulation becomes saturated as this can foster mold and cause even more damage to the structure.

commercial roof service will inspect for this problem as well to see if damage has been done requiring roofing repair or if the water simply needs to be removed before anything does go wrong that could lead to the necessity of a replacement.

When Is The Time To Replace?

The time for a commercial roof replacement has probably arrived if the material has reached the end of its service life. Another time this may be necessary is if the roof was improperly installed. Additionally, if the damage found by an inspector is too extensive to efficient repair, then it is time to replace.

Making the judgment call of whether the time has come to repair or replace your commercial roof should really be left to experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractors. Make sure that the roofing company you hire is reputable and has expertise in commercial flat roofing replacement; then your roof should be fine!

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