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At some point, you may find that a need to do a small roof repair job yourself rather than calling for the help of roof services. Being able to perform your own roof repairs without having the expertise of an expert roof company is all well and good; however, when it comes to climbing up onto your roof, safety should always be the number one concern.

While climbing up on roofs should normally be left to professional roof services, sometimes you may need to do a little maintenance job or make a quick fix or patch. If you must climb up on your roof, pay attention to these safety pointers to stay safe and avoid injuries.

Supplies You Will Need

If you think that all that is needed to climb on a roof is a ladder, any contractor at a well-established roof company will advise that you need more than a ladder to make a safe climb. You really need a complete set of gear.

The ladder should be about wall height or use an extension ladder. You also need a good pair of soft-soled shoes such as tennis shoes and a rope that can handle about 1543 lbs. of force/breaking strain to secure yourself with a harness.

If you think that wearing a harness for a few moments of being up on the roof is excessive, just remember that a small slip can have very grave consequences.

Placing and Climbing the Ladder

When it comes to safety while up on your roof, it is a good idea to set things up just like professional roof services. When leaning a ladder against the house, be sure you are away from power lines and doorways.

The ladder should be at least 3 feet taller than the roof. It should be at a 4 to 1 angle or approximately 13-1/8 to  3-1/4 feet, which means every 13-1/8 feet up, the ladder should be 3-1/4 feet away from the gutter line.

Those who work for roof companies climb up a ladder by keeping 3 points of contact with the ladder at all times and never overreaching. Follow their lead and make sure that you are facing the ladder at all times.

Preparing to Get On the Roof

Actually climbing onto the roof is where the rope and harness come in. Suppliers of the kind that roof services use can help you with any roof harness adjustments that are necessary. Before stepping off the ladder, throw your rope across the roof and secure it to a stable and secure structural item or a tree if close by.

Put on and connect harness properly. Take your rope and tie a simple or overhand loop knot and clip your harness into this loop. You are now ready to climb onto your roof.

On The Roof

Any roof company employee will advise that the proper way to walk on roofs is to stay along the line of screws for metal roofing and on roof tiles that are a double thickness with a wood crossbar underneath. Move slowly and maintain your balance.

The safety harness should only be your last resort and not the main support. Once you are on the roof, reach further up the rope and tie a second loop knot to clip yourself for better support.

Climbing roofs is not all that difficult, it just needs to be done carefully and safely. If you feel unsure about how to do this safely, learn how to climb properly by following the above tips practiced by expert roof services. Of course, if you are simply unable to the task yourself, don’t hesitate to call a qualified roof company to do the work for you!

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