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One of the most significant visible signs that a home is in need of roofing repair is water stains on the ceilings or walls. When homeowners see this, it is an indication that it is time to make a call for residential roofing services. Even though they may look dry, water stains in the house mean existing leaks that should be tended to quickly, to prevent extensive damage to the roof and home.

What Do Water Stains on the Ceiling Mean?

Water stains on the ceiling in any home usually mean that there is an active leak coming from the attic space. Even though the stains may be dry when they are discovered, those stains indicate that water is entering the house from above through some kind of leak in the roof. Other places that stains may appear are on walls where water is routing, or it may also be evidenced by bubbling paint or wallpaper. In any case, these signs of water in the house mean there is a leak somewhere, and some type of roofing repair is necessary.

Act Fast to Reduce Water Damage

When homeowners discover ceiling stains or other indications of water damage, it is important to act fast to find and correct the leak. By the time there are stains and water damage on the interior of the home, it means the actual leak responsible for the damage has been occurring for a while. Roof leaks drip water into the attic space first, wetting the roof framework and sometimes saturating insulation before that water makes its way elsewhere in the house. Unfortunately, some homeowners may discover considerable damage in the attic once they go looking after seeing a stain on the ceiling. For this very important reason, homeowners should contact local residential roofing services at the first sign of a ceiling stain or other damage that indicates a leak.

Reducing the Damage Until Repairs Can Be Made

Once a ceiling stain is discovered, homeowners should attempt to inspect the attic area above the leak and search for its origination. Some leaks might be easily located, while others can be quite challenging to find. Most importantly, it is best to assess where water is actually causing damage and attempt to protect those areas. Move furniture and floor rugs, or protect carpeting and floors as necessary. If a drip is located in the attic, use buckets to contain the water until roofing repair can be arranged. Dropcloths and plastic sheets can also help to prevent more damage. If the leak is significant, homeowners can also carefully put a tarp over that section of the roof to prevent more leaking until repairs can be made.

Roof leaks can be sneaky, leaking for some time before a homeowner becomes aware that they are in need of roofing repair. When a ceiling or wall stain or other water damage shows up inside the house, this is usually evidence that there is a leak above. The best thing for any homeowner to do is to locate the leak if possible, contain it to reduce continued water damage, and then phone for residential roofing services to come out and take a look. Even if the leak may have existed for a while, the sooner it is repaired, the less the damage will be.

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