Choosing the right type of roof for a house, one that is attractive, efficient, and long lasting, is important when the time comes to replace it. Yet an even bigger concern, regardless of the type of roof, is how it is installed. The best roofing materials do little good when not correctly applied. Therefore, it is important to work with a good roof installation company. A good roofing job makes the difference between a lot of wasted time and money, as well as potential damage to the home, or getting a great roof, that will protect a home for years to come, installed by a company experienced in residential roof services..

Not Just Tacking Up Shingles

A proper roofing job, done by the best residential and commercial roof maintenance and installation company, involves much more than simply putting some materials on top of a roofing structure. It requires the correct preparation, using the right techniques, and sometimes even a bit of problem solving. While anyone can climb up on a roof and put down some new shingles or tiles, what really makes the difference, even more than the quality of the supplies, is the quality of the roofing job itself. This is why homeowners should always hire the best roofers available, who understand that roofs that last for decades are dependent upon the expertise of their application.

Important Details Make the Strongest Roof

After deciding on the type of roof, one that fits the budget, is made of the right materials, and will outlast the area’s most inclement weather, the roofing process itself then becomes the highest priority. Following are some of the details involved in the roofing installation process:

  • Ventilation - Without some form of ventilation, whether attic vents, soffit vents or some other means, a roof is at risk for collecting moisture, and rotting from the inside out. Condensation is a major problem in some areas and climates, and good roof ventilation is a must for preventing the damage that it can cause. An experienced roofing services company will know the various ways that ventilation can be added or improved, and will make this a priority in their roofing job.
  • Underlayment Installation - Another critical part of the roof installation process is the proper application of an underlayment layer. This goes on top of the decking, and under the shingles, or other top, external layer, and acts as insulation, and a means for making a uniform installation of the top layer of roofing material. Underlayment must consist of the right material for the job to provide necessary weather-resistance, and must be installed onto sound decking. Additionally, it must be laid flat and tight, secured well. In some climates, underlayment must be affixed with an ice and water guard to prevent it from absorbing water at the edges, which will freeze under the shingles in cold weather.
  • Roofing Material Installation - Once ventilation and underlayment have been dealt with, the last critical concern is that the roof be installed according to the manufacturer’s directions, since different types of roofing require different methods of application. There are even a variety of methods used for the application of different types of the same materials. This means some shingles require one type of adhesive and nailing pattern, and others an alternative one. The same holds true for metal roofs, as well as clay, cement or other types of shingles. The incorrect installation in any of these cases can ruin a roofing job. Therefore, it is essential that a roofing services company know the intricacies of the material they are working with in order to provide the best, most weatherproof roofing application possible.

When hiring any experienced residential roof services or commercial roof maintenance and installation company, be sure to discuss all possible roofing options with them, and learn what their process is for providing the best installation. Expert roofers know the importance of all the points referenced above, and understand that providing the best, most long-lasting and durable roofs possible depends on their attention to these details!

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