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Home architecture varies widely from culture to culture and is based on different visual and functional characteristics. Similarly, roof architecture varies in many of the same ways. There are quite a number of roof shapes used throughout the world, most of this architecture developed to incorporate local building materials and require minimal roof repair based on local conditions. With this in mind, today’s homeowners have many choices in roof architecture that can improve the looks and functionality of their homes, and still prevent the need for a lot of roofing repair.

Mono-Pitched Roofs

Mono-pitched roofs are those designed with only one pitch, rather than two, like the gabled roof. Higher on one side and lower on the opposite side, mono-pitched roofs are like a flat roof that has been raised up on one end so it has a noticeable angle. These roofs are simple in design, and look attractive on certain, more contemporary types of architecture, and function more efficiently for shedding water and snow than do flat roofs. Mono-pitched roofs are also a type of roof that requires little in the way of roof repair since the one, main angle sheds water faster than many other types of roof.

Multi-Pitched Roofs

A multi-pitched roof is one that has more than one angle. The most classic and well-known example of this is the simple gable roof, and the many different variations it is available in. Besides the gable roof, multi-pitched roofs include the four-pitched gambrel or hipped roof design, and most of the other types of angled roofs in use today. Depending on the actual shape of the roof and the angle of the different pitches, these roofs may be more or less efficient at shedding water, but also provide different amounts of attic space.

Flat Rooftops

Used on larger commercial buildings, as well as some residential homes where pitched roofs are not as efficient due to space and other architectural details, a flat roof is one that has no visual roof line. Flat roofs do, technically require a few degrees of angle to help shed water, but this angle is barely visible by the naked eye. Flat roofs are easy to install but do sometimes become a challenge when roofing repair is necessary since locating and sealing leaks on these flat surfaces can be more difficult than doing so with other types of roofs.

Pent and Skirt Roofs

Pent roofs are those that extend from a wall rather than extend from the main rooftop, in covering and protecting a part of the structure or even just a doorway. When a pent roof that attaches to the front face of a wall extends around the entire house, this is called a skirt roof. In both cases, these roofs are separate structures from the main roof and cover areas that extend beyond the area covered by the main roof.

Although there are many styles of roofs available for different homes, they can all be classified into these few main types of roof architecture. The best roof for any home is one that looks complimentary with home architecture and functions well according to local climate conditions and available materials. By considering roof function when choosing a style, homeowners will end up with fewer roofing problems that require roof repair. To learn more about roof architecture, and what is suitable for certain climates and home designs, homeowners should speak with an experienced roofing repair company to learn which roof styles are most recommended for them.  

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