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A house is not a house unless it has a roof to protect the rest of the structure. Although the purpose of a roof seems obvious, as any roof company knows, there is much more to a roof than just keeping the rain out. To fully appreciate the role that the roof over a house plays, homeowners must understand the many functions it serves. In doing so, it should become apparent why good roof maintenance, and always working with an experienced roofing company is so important in prolonging the life of any residential roof.

Protection from the Elements

The most basic of all purposes that every roof serves is to protect a home, its contents and its residents from the elements of nature. Roofs keep out the rain and snow, as well as the wind, and even the scorching sun. Without a roof covering a home, most people realize that they would be completely exposed to the elements day and night. A solid, watertight roof is, therefore, essential on any house to keep the structure watertight and climate controlled. As any homeowner who has experienced roof damage, and required the services of a local roof company knows, a roof that does not work properly is a threat to the whole home, and everything and everyone inside it.

Structural Integrity

A second basic purpose that every roof over any home or building serves is providing integrity to the structure. While a house can technically stand on its own without a roof over it, the roof fortifies the whole structure to make it more stable. This is especially important in climates with severe weather and high winds, since wind blowing through a home can become extremely destructive. The roof of a house creates an essential cap over the structure, holding the walls together and enabling the walls to be as strong as they possibly can, secured by both the foundation and the roof. This is yet another reason why good roof maintenance is essential, and repairs should be made by a skilled roofing company as soon as they are required. Extensive, ongoing damage to the roof will not only leave a home exposed to the elements, however, also more susceptible to structural damage due to loss of building integrity.

Efficiency in Heating and Cooling

The third role that roofs play, and the one role that is most under-realized, is that of one of the main elements in home climate efficiency. Roofs, when designed correctly and properly installed by an experienced roof company, play an important role in keeping a home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Roofing material, attic ventilation and roof and attic insulation all play a part in keeping homes as energy efficient as possible. One of the easiest ways to improve home efficiency is to have the roof and attic inspected by a knowledgeable roofing company to determine ways to increase thermal efficiency, which can result in a more comfortable home and lower utility bills. Many homeowners may not realize this importance, or that they should even discuss their utility costs with their roof company.

To summarize, homeowners must realize that the roof over their homes does much more than just keep the house dry. Roofs, when professionally and correctly installed by a skilled roofing company, are an integral part of the house that allows it to be the strong, climate-controlled structure that it is. To protect the roof, and enable it to function efficiently in all its roles, homeowners should discuss roofing maintenance and any necessary repairs with an experienced local roof company

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