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A less considered aspect when choosing the right roofing material for a home is roof texture. Different materials have different visual textures, creating different looks with specific architectural styles. In some cases, it is possible to change the appearance and the texture of a roof by choosing a roofing installation done with different materials. As all roof services know, however, not every type of roof looks good on every type of house.

Why Consider Roof Texture?

Roof texture is one of a number of important factors that can enhance the look of the whole house. Based on the different natural materials that have been used as roofing materials throughout history, many homes look much more attractive with a more three-dimensional looking roof that has a noticeable texture to it. Some materials create style through texture, like Spanish ceramic tile, shake shingles and even smooth, standing seam metal roofs. When considering the best choice in roofing material, it is, therefore, important to think about the overall texture that material has as a roofing installation, as well as its color and other properties.

What Is Standard for the Architectural Style?

Before changing anything about their current roofs, homeowners must start off with a good understanding of what is standard for their architectural style, and the available variations. Plain, flat asphalt shingles were common on many homes in the past, but today’s more dimensional offerings are much more attractive.

Consequently, architectural shingles are a great way to add appealing roof texture while still using a more standard product that looks good on a wide variety of homes. The same home could look equally good with a metal roof or some sort of shingle designed to mimic other natural materials. The choices are endless. However, to look attractive, they must be acceptable for the architectural style of the home.

A Wide Variety of Textures In Roofing Material

Today there are quite a number of roofing options available from roof services, all of which have different appealing textures. Natural materials like wood shingles and shakes, slate shingles and various types of ceramic and concrete shingles are favorites that provide both texture and style to different homes, but they can be expensive. As a result, today there are many synthetic and imitation options available so that homeowners can have the look and texture of the real thing at a lower cost. Architectural shingles, pressed metal panels designed to look like expensive ceramic tile and various types of polymer materials are just a few options that mimic the look and texture of natural products without the high cost.

When choosing the best materials for a roofing installation, homeowners must consider not just cost and efficiency, but also color, style, and texture. The texture is yet one more quality that can give any roof character, and improve the looks of any house. To learn about different textures in shingles and other suitable roofing materials, homeowners can discuss the available options with experienced roof services. Texture, along with color and style, can make any plain roof a more attractive roof, and improve the look of any house. 

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