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Many times neighborhood homes can look similar when home architecture is similar and the same roof installation is used. A roof that stands out a little bit from the rest can do a lot to increase curb appeal. The color is an important element to consider when choosing a roof. Not every color looks good on every roof, and different architectural styles do look better with certain colors; however, roof color can definitely improve the way a home looks. Depending on the roof style and the materials used, roofing services can usually offer a range of attractive colors to make any home stand out with a sharp looking roof.

Consider the Home Architecture and Color

Some home styles traditionally demand certain types of roofing material and certain colors and tones for them to seem fitting. Other types of architecture lend well to bolder roof colors. Before deciding on a particular color homeowners must know what is typical on their home and roof type, and whether straying from the norm is actually acceptable. A brighter roof on a neighborhood street can look very attractive on some homes, but can actually be a distraction to others.

Besides the architectural style, it is essential to consider the current colors on the house and what roof colors will compliment it. A home with muted tones and trim may look out of place with a brighter roof, although with the right trim or in the right shades, that bolder roof could look fine.

Consider How Color Affects Home Efficiency

Roof color affects a home’s thermal efficiency based on how much UV energy it reflects or absorbs. Dark colors absorb more heat while lighter ones reflect more heat. This is a considerable detail, especially in hotter climates. Although it is sometimes possible to improve efficiency with the use of certain radiant barrier and insulative products during roof installation, the color of the roof should also be considered to keep utility bills as low as possible. Thermal efficiency is something that homeowners definitely want to talk about with roofing services before changing to a darker roof because the color is more appealing.

Consider Roofing Materials and Available Colors

Homeowners must next determine what is the standard roofing material used on their style of home, what colors it is available in, and which colors correspond with the house color. This is not to say that a homeowner cannot have a different material used for their roof; the material choice is just another thing that should be chosen based on architecture style, and what is considered normal for the type of home.

Consider the Neighborhood

Lastly, before committing to a bold, colorful roof, homeowners must consider the effect that their choice could have on what the neighbors will think. A brighter, bolder roof in the right color can make the neighbors envious when a home stands out from the crowd. On the other hand, the wrong color could have the neighbors becoming a little annoyed, and curb appeal going down rather than up. Homeowners and their roofing services must therefore carefully decide what colors will look more attractive, and which are unsuitable for the home style and color scheme.

Whether sticking with the more common tones associated with a home’s architectural style or going with a bolder roof installation color, roof color can either positively or negatively affect the look of a house. When well chosen with the help of experienced roofing services, different tones and shades can really improve curb appeal, turning any house into the most attractive one on the block.

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