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As a homeowner, it is important to know the various problems that could affect your house, especially the roof. Experienced roof companies suggest the best way to do this is by understanding the most common things that can cause damage requiring expensive roof repairs. Keep an eye out for the issues referenced below and avoid a crisis that will have you calling for unexpected roof services.

Improper Installation

To ensure your roof works the way it is supposed to and remains functional for the entirety of its service life, it is essential that every system be properly installed according to the manufacturer's specifications. Different systems involve different procedures. When hiring a roof company, be sure they have a good reputation for exceptional work and know the specific methods necessary to correctly install the system you have chosen.

Lack of Maintenance

Nothing promises a crisis more than the lack of proper maintenance. Every roof has specific maintenance requirements in order to prevent any damage that could cause the need for a roof repair. Maintenance both ensures the structure stays in the best condition and gives you the chance to handle small problems before they become bigger ones. Foregoing maintenance can also void your warranties.

Poor Ventilation

Attic ventilation is a critical part of a correct installation and keeping your roof in great condition. Without adequate installation, your system can suffer damage. This could mean anything from blistering, buckling, and ice damming to wood rot and mold growth due to moisture from condensation. Experienced roof services know that ventilation is essential and will consider this during every installation, making corrections where necessary.

Loose or Missing Flashing

Flashing is the most important accessory used in a roof installation. It covers the exposed edges of shingles or panels in corners and around protrusions, preventing water from getting beneath the surface. Flashing is also easily loosened or dislodged with the passage of time. To prevent water damage that requires roof repair, it is essential to have all flashing checked frequently by a roof company and missing or damaged pieces promptly replaced.

Signs of Water Damage

If you see signs of water damage inside your attic or elsewhere in your home, this means you have a leak somewhere. Even if the leak is not active, dried water stains mean there is some kind of roof damage that has allowed water in. Leaks must be repaired immediately by expert roof services to prevent rot and other extensive destruction that can occur when they are let go for a long period of time.

Animals and Trees

Tree branches that reach your house can damage your structure in many ways, from scratching the surface or breaking off shingles to causing punctures and perforations when conditions are windy. They can also provide an easy route for squirrels and other animals looking for nesting and hiding places.

Attics and under eaves are common areas where small animals and birds can be found nesting after having accessed a damaged area on your roof or even creating their own hole.

Ponding on Flat Roofs

If any part of your house has a flat surface, ponding could become an issue as well. Water that collects on flat surfaces leads to leaks and expedites the breakdown of installation materials. Ponding is yet another concern that should be professionally repaired so it does not lead to a repair crisis.

The roof over your home is the most important element protecting it from the weather. Make sure yours stays in great shape without the need for roof repair by knowing and avoiding the common problems referenced above. Always hire a reputable, experienced roof company to perform a new installation and provide other necessary roof services. You will avoid an unnecessary crisis and have the peace of mind that your structure will last its full service life!

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